808 set to fill Club Astra's boots

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3 thoughts on “808 set to fill Club Astra's boots

  1. One of the thing I enjoy when reading your blog is that you talk about places, people and events I have never heard of, or been to, or even consider going to! Funny but it speaks volume about how Thai society can be compartmentalised and you seems to evolve in a kind of westernised environment whilst I have mostly be in contact with more traditional Thai spaces. Have you been to an Issan Club? Like Issan Tatung near Pata Shopping Centre in Pinklao? Tried a Karaoke night in Lang Suan? Visited DJ in Silom Soi 2? Not to say that one is better than the other, but it is just funny.

  2. The places I've been to in Thailand have tended to change along with the people I hang out with. Different groups of friends go to different places and my circle of friends changed a lot the first year or so I was in Thailand. More recently, I started hanging out with people who were into the same sort of music as me and so we went to places like Astra, and so on.

    I'm happy anywhere so long as I don't have to sing.

  3. I will be there for Coldcut and hope it succeeds. But, playing devil's advocate, how is a refit and new soundsystem a surefire recipe for success?

    As far as I can see 808 will rehash the failed Astra formula only it’ll look and sound better. Big deal. There are clubs in London twice as dinghy as Astra was, with sound systems half as good – yet they’re fours times as busy. Snazzing up Astra isn't going to change the facts – the demand for DJ’s playing 'E culture' music in a city that, thankfully, isn’t partial to swallowing E is small.

    How is 808 going to fill the gaps between international acts? By hosting local party's that draw handfuls, or by adopting the guise of a hip-pop megaclub to rival Route and Slim/Flix perhaps? As proven by those bastions of bland, the majority that is Bangkok’s undiscerning masses want only 1) a table for their precious whisky soda set 2) an abundance of cuties and 3) agreeable radio hits they can singalong to.

    As for Coldcut, Laurent Garnier, Roc Raida, The Freestylers, DJ Craze, LTJ Bukem, DJ Fresh and Darren Emerson. That’s an impressive line-up – if the dial on the timemachine is flashing ‘1999’.

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