A-list DJ cries in Bangkok

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13 thoughts on “A-list DJ cries in Bangkok

  1. haha… I think this is just something that happens to some people when they're given a microphone in front of a big crowd and they get carried away in the moment. Think Hollywood actors accepting an award, thanking God, their dog and 'all the millions of fans who love me', etc etc. All very cringeworthy nonetheless.

  2. big names are only that and 9 times out of 10, they fail to live up to expectations and their over inflated fees.
    You cant even guarantee that the NAME will bring customers, Judge Jules recently in Phuket being a prime example. I dont even know anybody that went.

    Excuse the plug, but the following artists will be taking over the decks of Club Lime, Phuket in the next couple of months.

    Jonas Lichter, Sweden – Dj & Promoter to the gliterrati of St. Tropez
    Kenny Hawkes, UK (www.myspace.com/kennyhawkes)
    Michael Terzian, Montreal, Canada (www.myspace.com/djmichaelterzian)
    Holosound, NYC (www.holosoundnyc.com)
    Nakadia (www.myspace.com/nakadia)
    Terry Francis, Fabric, UK (www.fabriclondon.com/club/profile.php?id=2)

    No big names, egos or fees, only top quality cutting edge electronic dance music!

  3. Haha– was he high? What a fool. "you do not have radio or press to support the things that I do", what a sick ego.

    this music is sport!

  4. ego and ramblings aside, can you name Thai Press and Radio which does support the things that he does?

  5. Maybe he thought Thailand was like Burma or something – height of ignorance as well as arrogance. Who the fuck listens to the radio anyway, or reads the press these days anyway? Dance music followers turn to the internet and their local scene.

    As for DJing – it's so easy to do (I was a DJ in the early 90s) – mixing tracks is a cinch, and most DJs I've heard play incredibly boring and predictable sets, I wouldn't waste a baht on attending such tedium. I just don't get the hero-worshipping. My favourite DJ in the early 90s was Danny Rampling and couldn't even mix properly – just he had an eclectic taste. I wouldn't have a clue now if he's still experimenting – probably not, like the rest of them who treat it as a job til they retire.

    The last new scene was hardcore in the late 80s / early 90s – that tells you something….

  6. "universally respected"? er, what planet?.. david morales deserves no respect. In fact, as this nauseating incident proves, the only thing he deserves is punishment for crimes against dance music. My suggestion: he be hung unceremoniously from a speaker tower then drawn and quartered by flying 12"s of 'Needin U'. . Thank god I didn't go… may have gotten messy

  7. " you know, I am a sensitive dj ….sob …sob …sob " He said that ! … that was unbelievable …big guy with steroid muscles and tatoos … cmon

    I had fun though … any idea how much he got paid for 2 hours of djing ? the guy often plays 12 hours set so i heard

  8. Big name DJ's are not what they are cracked up to be I've been there and done that and so have they.

    Nightlife in Thailand (clubbing not the other kind) has always been shit compared to the West. You'll not get what you had there so why bother looking, you are wasting your time.

    DJ's don't matter. Clubs don't matter. Grow up some and you'll understand where i'm coming from. Just go out and enjoy yourself.

  9. i just looking 4 job about dj i can play hiphop teahno , house , if any pub need to give me a chance to get da job in bangkok just contrack me urgently please. i just come back from newzeland and been working in there about dj in thai bar about 4 years before . thank you

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