Attitudes towards rape in Thai society

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4 thoughts on “Attitudes towards rape in Thai society

  1. Rape is prominent in Thai literature. But it's a difference between RAPE (komkhuen) and the "forcing his way on her because he was blinded by love and was drunk/angry" (pblum).

    The good girl would be playing hard to get or take her stand on moral high ground but somehow piss off the hero and he ends up forcing himself on her. The next morning he would regret it and she would hate him but eventually realize he was blinded by the love for her and ended up happily ever after with her rapist…I mean…the love of her life.

    I didn't realize how f***ed up the whole thing is until I had to explain the plot point of Ku Kham to an American friend.

    Case in point, in Ku Kam, Angsumalin is forced to marry Kobori, the Japanese soldier, to keep up a political front. He loves her but respects the sham marriage and doesn't touch her in anyway. Until one night, injured and drunk, he got angry and "had his way with her". The next morning he regret it and she hated him but eventually she realized that she loved him and carried his baby.

    They didn't call THAT a "kom khuen". They call that a "pblum" because he did it out of "love".

    Many more of Thai classic literature does the same thing.

  2. Sexuality and relationships are viewed much differently in Thailand than in Western societies. So are women's rights. The past truly lives in this part of the world.

    Having met more than a couple of Thai women with serious issues regarding their sexuality, I often wonder how many Thai women were sexually abused as young girls or teenagers.

    Just recently a new law allow Thai women to reclaim their family or "maiden" name after a divorce, or to maintain it while married. Many women saw this as "progress."

  3. Huh. Nothing new.

    When I was still in school there was this campaign that came out to stop girls from wearing spaghetti straps and of course they used rapists as an excuse to scare the girls not to wear them.

    Basically, "if you don't want to be gang-raped, don't wear something Ministry of Culture doesn't approve".

  4. You may remember that last year, the NLA found that the best way to reduce gender inequality amongst spouses in Thai law, was to allow women to rape their husband!!!


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