Brandon Block, Jo Mills, Louie Vega coming to Phuket

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16 thoughts on “Brandon Block, Jo Mills, Louie Vega coming to Phuket

  1. Dont forget Barry Ashworth ( Xmas Special on the 21st and Inland Knights ( Thailand exclusive on the 29th.

    2008 also looks to be very promising for the Island.
    Think Freaks, Balkan Beats, Crazy Cats & Ferris Wheels.

  2. Brandon "fuck off you useless fat kunt" block and Jo mills, pfft come on!

    The only one i'd have any time for is Mr Vega, the other two are like the participants of a 9th season of big brother, seriously


  3. Daniel, who exactly are you bringin this December?

    You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time…..

    Watch out for me as Ill be the dancin loon. You know? Like really dancin…

    Phuket hasnt had it this good for years and believe me, Ive been waiting many years.

  4. bob,

    I'm not bringing anyone, but serious brandon block??? the man can't even get a gig in the uk anymore, and with due cause he is a talentless idiot.

    Inland Knights are good friends, we spun with them back in the east end a few years back. this whole supah star dj crap really got out of hand with tong,oakey and the likes, now i see they have a new market in Thailand.

    What i don't get is, why do the clubs feel the need to have "big name" dj's? Why not look at the local market or even bring in the not so well known names?

  5. There aren't enough local DJs and there aren't enough people who care about local DJs for a resident scene to survive. Brandon Block is a funny guy and I haven't seen him play for years. I think it'll be fun. Phuket is no place to pick and choose, like in the UK. We just don't have the scene down here to turn our noses up when people pass through.

    This is definitely an improvement even on when I arrived here about six months ago. Inland Knights are class too.

  6. We have actually been surprised at the number of dj's on the Island. Since opening the store in September we have had over 30 members sign up. 90% of which hold residencies on the Island and surrounding region.
    Places such as Catch at Surin Beach, Soundwave Sundays at Laem Singh Beach, Silk Bar/Restaurant in Surin, and new additions Rain-Hail and White Box all offer the prospect for residents to build their following and fan club.

    In the past 2 months at Club Lime, 6 of the main guest dj's have been Thai, from Bangkok, Kho Samui & Chiang Mai and stars in their own rights. I think after Dragon in December we will have had the top 5 dj's in Thailand and all of them want to come back for more.

    Just thought it was about time we gave the Internationals a spin

  7. nothing wrong with international dj's but all i'm saying is that the hasbeen crowd that maybe once rocked it, now don't. Seriously check out more of the not-so-well-known international dj's and you will be amazed at how much harder they work the whole gig.

  8. Nobody is disputing that but there's little point in flying people over if they won't draw a crowd, which is why many of these DJs who are coming to Phuket on doing so on tours or as last-minute bookings. Phuket is also vastly different from Bangkok due to the type of people here.

  9. We would love to give the not so well dj's a spin, but have a hard time convincing the management that it is worth while.
    Out of interest would you call the likes of Evil Eddie Richards, Terry Francis, Richard Sen aka Padded Cell and Andrew Weatherall hasbeen dj's?
    Trust us we believe in the music 1st and the name 2nd.
    Also just for the record we did not book Brandon Block and probably wouldnt of even if he was offered. Not our cup of tea, really.

  10. Oh yea Inland Knights. I dug their hypnotic tech house back in the days. I don't know much about their style right now but it sounds good. Are they flying to Bkk too ?

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