Ironic breaking news from The Nation today

You couldn’t make this stuff up. This is a “breaking news” story in its entirety from The Nation’s website today.

A national artist in literature Thursday urged the Education Ministry to emphasise the importance of classes about Thai-handwriting, Thai writing, Thai composition, Thai letter writing, Thai-poem recitation and Thai-song singing.

Naovarat Pongpaiboon said these classes would teach Thai children to know how put their thoughts in order and how to use Thai language properly.

By his estimate, more than 50 per cent of Thai children had problems forming a long sentence because they did not

Because they did not what? Hats off to The Nation for this one. Seems like the adults are having trouble forming long sentences too.

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5 thoughts on “Ironic breaking news from The Nation today

  1. In the last few weeks I have read some editorials and letters to the editors emphasizing the fact that people need to learn the language. People are freaking out that somehow too many foreign words are being used. People are also complaining about children using slang. Don't they understand that languages evolve, new words are created, others discarded. Imagine if we all spoke English like Shakespeare, that would not be much fun.

  2. @ Jeff: if we all spoke like Shakespeare that would be a lot of fun.
    But honestly, you wouldn't understand the language they even spoke 50 years ago. Language evolves more rapidly than we are aware of. All countries have people who are scared that their heritage of language is fading. So do the Thais. What we see now is just a kind of hype about it and all the Thai language-protectors release their thoughts these days. By the end of the year you won't read or hear anything about that topic anymore.

  3. I'm not sure if that's true. People are very protective of their dialects and the fact that more and more people are turning to Bangkok Thai instead.

  4. Jeff-

    Your point about Shakespeare is interesting, because Shakespeare had an impact on transforming English. He made up his own words, like the word "vision." And like somebody else said, Thai has also changed a lot in the last hundred years as well.

    King Bumibol is not a native Thai speaker and nobody complains when he changes words or uses English in his speeches!

  5. After 17 years in Asia, 5 of which I lived in Thailand and most of the rest in Japan, as a Russian born and educated in the States, I see Asian languages more symbolic than structurally grammatical.

    For example in Japanese Kanji one says Gaijin, but it has much more connotation than just a foreigner! It aslo means strange, different, even barbaric…

    You would need a whole paragraph to imply that in the English language!

    Thai Language is also like That. Do you guys know where and why the word Farang originated from?

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