Bye bye, Motion

On Saturday night we bid farewell to pretty much the only nightclub in Dili that is ever worth going to. Motion Bar will close its doors on Wednesday and with that we leave behind a lot of history in Dili in terms of the people who have run the place and the people who have been there.

I went to Motion on my first day in Dili a year and a half ago. It was closed for the afternoon, but still, I went and had a look. My friend and I threw a parties there when we could in an attempt to give ourselves and others some kind of nightlife alternative that didnít involve Akon or anything reggae-related.

Motionís most popular night was every Thursday, which had become something of an institution in Dili with the live local bands outside and DJs playing music inside, but it was the parties on other nights I most looked forward to.

Motion also hosted weekly movie nights, which was something of a blessing in a country that has no cinema. And the food at Motion was also great. So with all this in mind, we organized one last shindig there and combined it with my friendís birthday party.

For anyone who went, I was the one DJing and playing all the music. I was still quite sick (with this illness) and had been to hospital the previous evening. My body was in some pain and Iíd just begun a course of antibiotics, so I should have been in bed, but decided to slug it out.

When we do parties at Motion, we try not to indulge in music we donít like, such as RNB, mainstream hip hop and suchlike. I mean, you can hear all that stuff at pretty much every single nightspot in Dili. There are ample places in the city where people can bump n grind, so once again I decided to play actual nightclub music, in a nightclub. Itís a radical idea, I know, but this city is supposedly all about progress.

Iíve been DJing for about 12 years in all. Once upon a time Iíd spend all my money on vinyl. Now all those records are in someoneís house in Sheffield, I think. But last night was the first time Iíd ever experienced such a barrage of bamboozling one-liners as this:

  • Do you have any reggae?
  • Do you have any hip hop?
  • Are you going to play anything a bit more danceable/dancey?
  • Do you have any RNB?
  • Do you have any djembe?
  • Do you have any Michael Jackson songs?
  • Do you have any girly songs?
  • Are you going to play anything good?
  • I have Michael Jackson songs on this USB. Can you play them?

The answer to all these questions was a straight ďnoĒ, so to those people I am sorry, but I honestly thought the party went all right without succumbing to the wonders of inane pop music. People seemed genuinely offended and even quite angry, but this was the last night at Motion, not Mister Guitar or Casa Minha.

And come on, in how many clubs in Dili can you hear Underworld, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Booka Shade, Tiga, Zombie Nation and so on? Donít get me wrong, I like good hip hop (Cage, GZA, Raekwon), but RNB is like the devilís love music. It makes me want to pull my nails off.

But whatever, Motion was a great club, the people who run it are great people and we had a lot of good times there. So, farewell. This was one of the tunes I played towards the end.

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