School violence costs India billions: Plan

Widespread violence in India's schools is hampering the futures of millions of children and costing the country billions of pounds in lost social benefits, says Plan International in a report released this week. ‚ÄúThere are serious social implications of the continuation of such high numbers of children experiencing violence. The impact on children is tragic, […]

Fight Taliban or lose funding, US tells Pakistan

Wall Street Journal: Obama administration officials have privately warned Pakistani leaders that continued inaction against Taliban and al Qaeda havens bordering Afghanistan could jeopardize some of the large U.S. cash payouts on which Islamabad depends. The Telegraph: The move would be in line with a law known as the Leahy Amendment, which requires the United […]

Burma gets a new flag

The Burmese have a new flag that some say is a clear sign of the ruling regime's intentions to "wipe out ethnic armies". The flag has been changed from this… …to this… "Analysts believe that the removal of the 14 stars, which signify the 14 divisions and states in Burma, or indeed their assimilation into […]