What would you do with S$32,000?

This week I read a story about a swanky bar in Singapore that recently launched a new cocktail that costs a staggering S$32,000. That works out at US$26,000. The bar is called Pangaea and the cocktail has been given the apt name of Jewel of Pangaea. It's Asia's most expensive cocktail and it contains gold-flecked […]

Is Google+ dead?

I had such high hopes for Google+. It could have been something special. It could have stolen a lot of Facebook's thunder. It does a lot of the things Facebook does, but it does them smoother and more efficiently. I really wanted Google+ to be a success, but alas, it just hasn't worked and even […]

First thoughts on Tout.com

Tout is a new video-based social network on which users posts 15-second videos on whatever they please, kind of like a status update but in video form. Tout first caught my attention when World Wrestling Entertainment started using it heavily. It popped up a few times since then but I didn't really look into the […]