I think Kuta has become my new favourite place for people-watching. There are so many drunk Aussies roaming around that it never fails to be amusing. Last night I was sat by the beach trying to get the Wi-Fi signal from McDonalds when a fat, blonde, drunk Aussie pulled up on a motorcycle with two […]

Catch the dolphin

I'm not particularly keen on the whole "travelling" thing. There's something I don't enjoy about the feeling of being in a place and having no idea where to go or what to do. When I see backpackers traipsing around with their guidebooks in hand and huge bags slung over their shoulders, I feel sorry for […]

Dili to Bali

It was my last night in Dili and a few of the guys from my street wanted to have a small get-together. Unfortunately for my Timorese compatriots, they’d lost all their money at the afternoon’s chicken fight, so the elaborate feast that had been planned was reduced to three packets of instant noodles – and […]