Bombs in Bangkok

The last time I wrote something substantial about bombs in Bangkok was at the end of 2006 when a bomb went off near my place at Victory Monument. That was a New Year's Eve I'll certainly never forget. But today there was another incident that got people talking and it was interesting to see everyone's […]

Probe into New Year blasts dropped

More than a year after nine bombs ripped through Bangkok on New Year’s Eve 2006 the police have given up their investigation after successfully finding absolutely nothing in the form of clues as to who is responsible. Bangkok was shaken to its core when those bombs went off. Three people died and 42 were injured. […]

Who is blowing up Bangkok?

It seems like anybody can blow up Bangkok and public never gets to find out who is behind it. Do the police and government just assume that people forget about these things after a while? Remember when a number of bombs exploded in Bangkok on New Year’s Eve killing three people? I do. It was […]

Southern separatists responsible for Bangkok bombings (question mark optional)

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. After the drama, the panic, the fear, the indifference, the finger pointing, the accusations, the insinuations, the allusions, the half-truths: after all that, the Bangkok Post this morning broke a story suggesting that Southern separatists were behind the New Year’s Eve bombings. The police team investigating the New Year bombings in Bangkok […]