Confusion widespread in Thailand this typhoon season

When 65 of of Thailand's 77 provinces were affected by flooding last year, the English-language media was awash with conflicting information coming directly from the Thai authorities. One year on and while we may not be in for another bout of devastating widespread deluges, news outlets are still struggling to piece together the basic building […]

Cooking with Matt

It's probably a bit sad to blog about cooking something, but truth be told, any time I get active in the kitchen it's an adventure for me. If there's a culinary equivalent of having two left feet, that's what I have. I'm a terrible cook. But recently I rediscovered my love for yam pla dook […]

Going on my holidays

Things have been a little quiet here what with finishing uni and my exams. I spent the past couple of weeks pulling myself back together after studying day in, day out. I'm now going on holiday for about eight days, so things will be even more quiet than they were before. The plan is to […]