Food for thought

"The lese majeste law, as is currently applied in the last three years, has been used for the suppression of free speech for largely political purposes and not for the protection of the monarchy, for which the law was drafted." Benjamin Zawacki, South-east Asia researcher for Amnesty International. Free Da Torpedo now.

A world of confusion

I'm starting to wish I hadn't written anything about Apartment Living because it's become something of a headache. I'm going to clarify the situation for anybody interested. I worked as a freelance writer for Apartment Living and Education Living for several years. Between October 2008 and April 2009 I wrote eight articles for the magazines. […]

Thai Visa versus Bangkok Post

The Bangkok Post recently told the management at Thai Visa, a massive Thailand-based expat forum, that Post articles cannot be republished on the forum unless as RSS feeds, or something along those lines. Barry Main, marketing director of, said, "We have a very different vision than the Bangkok Post about the future of community […]