Should Thailand's dodgy dealers be named and shamed?

At what point are you supposed to stop being reasonable and make a stand against publishers who fail to pay journalists for commissioned work? This happens too often in Thailand. Every time I speak with journalists working for Thailand-based publications I hear stories about people not being paid, especially in Phuket. Some publishers are just […]

Thaksin looking at toilets?

Is this wishful thinking spilling over onto The Nation’s website? Whoever made this blunder had the comical insight to do it next to a picture of the prime minister looking at a row of toilets. (Spotted by Denis at Bangkok Recorder.) Also, did anyone happen to see the Bizarro cartoon in the Bangkok Post over […]

In memory of Athiwat Chainurat

Many of you will be unfamiliar with the name Athiwat Chainurat. I had never heard of him until recently. Khun Athiwat was a reporter for the Matichon newspaper. He was 48 years old. He had a wife and two children – and he was shot dead on August 1. Members of the media, especially in […]