An open challenge to Bedwyr

Bedwyr is probably the most active commenter on this blog. He is one of my favorite commenters to read because he usually says some offbeat stuff that incites discussion. In the absence of my beloved Sooksiam, there haven't been many arguments in the comments recently… until now. Just yesterday, a new commenter, Gonzobrains, joined the […]

Radio 1 DJ Grooverider gets four years

Drum ’n’ bass pioneer, BBC Radio 1 DJ and clubland legend Grooverider, real name Raymond Bingham, has been sentenced to four years imprisonment after being found guilty of possession and illegally bringing marijuana into the United Arab Emirates. This is terrible news, but ’Rider only has himself to blame. Story from AFP: A court in […]

My date tomorrow

Yes, it's not really a date, but I will be hanging out with someone who is, apparently, very famous. I didn't know much about Sonia Couling until recently (well, I'm doing my research tonight), but I think it'll be an interesting interview. I'm still waiting for my chance to interview Four Mod. Hopefully that will […]