The top 100 shall return

After yesterday's mini-drama, I'm pleased to announce that the top 100 Thailand blogs is back in all its former glory, only this time the user votes have been reset, which is something we're just going to have to deal with. Don't sweat it anyway. All the blogs are in the list. If there are any […]

300 RSS subscribers

Today is something of a landmark day for me. For the first time in this blog's lifetime, we have more than 300 RSS subscribers. This is a great point to be at because RSS subscribers are most valuable visitors to any blog. RSS subscribers are the life force of a blog because those visitors are […]

Reasons to beee cheerful

I often wonder how far ahead or behind the rest of the world Thailand is in terms of the technology that we have access to here. With widespread access to the Internet and online stores such as Amazon, i don't think there is much difference. After hearing several reports about the new Asus Eee PC, […]