Thaksin porbably back tomorrow

The Bangkok Post has reported that it’s “It’s pretty much official, Mr Thaksin Shinawatra is due to arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport via TG 603 from Hong Kong at 9:40 am tomorrow, according to sources close to him.” Well, if it’s pretty much official, I guess that means the circus is about to begin. After doing […]

Thaksin will make videos on the Internet

I guess a life of leisure must be quite boring. Poor old Thaksin is resorting to making videos on the Internet to reach out to his supporters. The videos will, apparently, contain mostly “business advice”, according to Noppadon. “For example, the video may show Thaksin in a department store shopping for brand-name goods. He will […]

Thaksin's war on drugs

Officially launched in February 2003, Thaksin’s war on drugs was a brutal killing spree that led to the extrajudicial killings of about 2,500 people while thousands more were arrested. When Thaksin came to power in February 2001, he vowed to tackle the problem of drugs in Thailand full on. Police were told to treat persons […]