Scapegoats of the rude and fatuous

Roger Mitton has a piece on Todayonline looking at the ridiculous media backlash we've been seeing recently. It is the old blame-the-messenger routine from those who benefit from the status quo. Last Friday, Arglit Boonyai, editor of the Bangkok Post's weekly supplement, Guru, wrote: "The international press is making a complete mess of their reporting […]

The ugly side of nationalism

As I wrote before, I've been unsettled and saddened by the abusive, violent, irrational things some Thai people have been saying recently. The anti-foreigner sentiment hasn't calmed and there is still a tendency to react angrily to news stories. Just to give you a few examples of what I'm talking about, here are some quotes […]

Don't shoot the messengers

Without the Western media covering the recent events in Bangkok, there would have been a gaping hole where there should have stories about the gnarly goings-on in Thailand's capital city. So it is with curiosity that I've been observing the torrent of hatred some Thai people have been unleashing against foreign journalists and media outlets. […]

Thailand burns

Thailand was my home for more than four years. I can't describe how saddening it is to see the turmoil play out like this. The red-shirt leaders may have surrendered, but that hasn't brought about an end to the violence. Far from it. It has intensified to a point I could never have previously imagined.