I was looking on a map of Thailand the other day when I realised I'd never heard of Chachoengsao province, despite the fact that it's right next to Bangkok. Feeling a little foolish, I did a quick Google search and found that it's not a place that really gets written about very much — in […]

Quebec sisters may have died from drinking DEET cocktail

Two Canadian sisters who died on Phi Phi island in June had ingested the insect repellent DEET, indicating they may have drunk a variation of a local "cocktail" popular in the southern provinces known as 4×100. The ingredients of 4×100 are usually¬†kratom¬†leaf extract, cough syrup, cola and ice. A more potent version, 8×100, contains longkong […]

Fireworks in Pattaya

Here's a short video I shot from the International Fireworks Contest, held in Pattaya on December 16 and 17. This video is from the second day and features some of the displays from Emirates and the USA. There were also shows from Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. These fireworks displays were […]