Nok Air cuts Bangkok-Phuket route

Well this sucks. As if One-Two-Go being delivered a standing eight-count wasn’t bad enough, Nok Air has reportedly thrown in the towel on its Bangkok-Phuket route, writes Chutima Sidasathian over at Phuket Wan. Flights from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, Ubon Ratchatanee and Krabi have also been axed. This is terrible news. It means that Air […]

Is backpacking a thing of the past?

Is the era of the Thailand backpacker over? The editor of Luxury Travel Magazine recently said that Thailand is now the destination of choice for people searching boutique hotels and upmarket spas. People have been saying this for a while, calling it the end of backpacking. Newley wrote an interesting article last year in the […]

Thailand's Russian invasion

It's hard not to notice that there has been a rather sudden influx of Russian tourists to Thailand. It may be that there are more Russians in Phuket than Bangkok, but this increase is not just my imagination – the Russians are coming. At the risk of offending my Russian readers – I know that […]

Welcome to Thailand

People have started coming to Phuket in droves. It was as if someone flicked a switch and all these people suddenly appeared. The high season is well underway. I first noticed something was up when a large number of foreigners materialised where I live on Yaowarat Rd, but these people aren’t tourists – they are […]