That's what we're being told to do at SOAS. We are being called on to occupy our own school buildings so that we can get together and "talk about what is going on". What's going on, of course, is the continuous pressure by Counterfire to get us to be more radical and stand in unison […]


Here are a couple of mixes I've done recently. This first one is mostly dubstep. Half-hour long. Beats and sheepskins by mattcrookukc And this earlier one is more on an electro tip. Electro-ish DJ mix by mattcrookukc

Ramos-Horta pulling no punches

The midget intellectuals who regurgitate academic jargon about justice can go on and on dispensing academic judgments on poor little us, but my people, whom I know well, they applaud the wisdom of my policies — that is: heal the wounds, reconcile, and move on… I am not going to play Don Quixote de la […]


Someone close to me took this photo in Beijing. There is just something about it, don't you think? And on that note, here is a magical piece of music by dBridge. dBridge – Memory Park by dBridge