Learning about photography

I have never felt like I could take a good photo. It’s only in the past year or so that I’ve really begun to appreciate what a good photo is. With plans for my impending trip taking up most of my time, I decided that if I’m ever to be taken seriously, then I need […]

Usain Bolt

That was perhaps the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Usain Bolt just won the men's 100m final at the Beijing Olympics in 9.69 seconds. He didn't even run flat out all the way. That kid is unbelievable. Congratulations to the world's fastest man.

Moving on

I have booked three one-way flights: one to Singapore, one to Bali and one to Dili. I’ve handed in my notice and work and my last day of full-time employment in Thailand will be on August 26, not including a few vacation days that I will be cashing out. As if that’s not enough, I’ve […]

Quick note

To everyone who responded to my call for guest posts on other blogs: I haven't forgotten about you, but I just need a bit of time to actually write the posts. I'm hoping to get them all out by the end of this week. So please bear with me for a few days — I'm […]