Reasons to visit Timor-Leste

I don't think many people consider visiting Timor-Leste. I feel privileged for being here, but at the same time it's sad that so few of my friends share my enthusiasm about the place. I think it takes a certain type of person to really enjoy him- or herself in Timor-Leste. I know that a lot […]


I have just returned from a trip to Viqueque and Baucau. It was a fun trip, similar to my outing to Ainaro a few months ago. What was interesting this time was the government presence at what was essentially a traditional Timorese ceremony organized to symbolize the bringing about of peace in Viqueque, a district […]

Weekend away

I'm going to Baucau and Viqueque over the weekend. I leave tomorrow and will return on Sunday. I'm relieved to be getting out of Dili again. It's always refreshing to escape the little city and see a bit of the countryside. Hopefully I will have some interesting tales to tell on Monday.

Tripping in Timor

I’ve been on a couple more trips since my travels to Manetu. While Dili isn’t particularly scenic, the districts are beautiful. If I could live in the districts I would, but it’s impractical for work and such things. My first trip was to a small island off the coast of Dili called Atauro. It’s a […]