Aussie soldiers up to no good

This comes from a La'o Hamutuk press release. La'o Hamutuk is a non-governmental organization that is a reliable source of information in Timor-Leste. La'o Hamutuk calls on the military and civilian commanders of Australian and other foreign soldiers in Timor-Leste to direct their soldiers to avoid involvement in local politics, including asking Timorese citizens their […]

What did Ramos-Horta really say?

On Monday, Amnesty International sent out a press release that began like this: The President of Timor-Leste has told Amnesty International he would support the establishment of an international criminal tribunal for crimes committed during the 1975-1999 occupation by Indonesia, should the UN Security Council set it up. This is a complete 180 from what […]

What is happening out there?

Timorese newspaper STL carried a story last week in which police inspector Mateus Fernandes said members of CPD-RDTL and Bua-Malus were launching a coup in Timor-Leste. This is in relation to the "ninja" farce that has been gripping the nation. How can two groups as small CPD-RDTL and Bua-Malus launch any kind of coup? It's […]