Chang Beer rolls out across America

“Chang is an extremely smooth, crisp and full-bodied premium 100% malt lager that is delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to flavorful Asian cuisine,” said John Lennon, president of IBHL USA.

Are we talking about the same Chang Beer? Delicious? Smooth? Crisp? I’m no beer connoisseur, but I know that I don’t particularly enjoy drinking Chang Beer, nor do I look forward to the crippling headaches that follow a session of drinking the stuff.

Thailand’s favourite beer is about to make its way over to America where it will be served in the numerous Thai restaurants that have been popping up. The beer will also be available in six packs of 330ml bottles and single bottles of 640ml.

Do you think America will go for a beer from Thailand?

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10 thoughts on “Chang Beer rolls out across America

  1. Singha beer is already in America at many Thai restaurants. I would imagine that Chang beer will be treated with the same indifference as I've seen Singha. People in America are willing to try a new beer and they usually don't care where it comes from as long as it tastes good. So Chang's success in America is dependent on it's quality.

  2. Would Chang fly? I don't think it would. It's going to be more of a specialty beer you'd try out, find on the shelf of those bars with bajillion kinds of beers, or order at Thai restaurants.

    I looked around and I think Bud(weiser) Light is the best selling beer in America. This is the sh*t I won't even touch even if I'm an alcoholic needing a fix. So, that so much goes to know how well an Asian import would do in American market for you.

  3. Personally, I prefer Chang over Heineken, Singha, Tiger and half a dozen beers. If I am stuck somewhere and a choice between Chang and other Thai beers, it will be Chang. Nothing to do with price, just the taste. Unless of course Stella Artois is on tap.

  4. Coming from the land of Heineken, I prefer Singha. Chang is not my favourite, not at all.

    But to be honest, I don't really like Americans beers like Bud and Miller. I'd prefer Chang in that case.

  5. In Thailand, Chang is the poor man's beer. I guess they are changing the taste profile for America.. making it 'premium'. That's weak. My friends always tell me about the Chang runs. It happens every morning after too much.. you never know what's inthat bottle.

    I just got Singha at Whole Foods. It's pretty good. Nice and hoppy and malty. A better Heineken.

  6. Comparing Singha and Chang is like comparing craft beer to macro-beer. At least in Singha you can taste the nuances of actual beer ingredients, as opposed to Chang's bland and watered down appeal. People going to Thai restaurants are definitely not going to take well to that.

  7. Yeah, they have started marketing Chang in Australia as a 'premium beer' which goes for about $17 a sixpack. WTF!!??! I remember it as being absolutely horrible and the hangovers it induced were scarier than a dead clowns eyes. Bring on Leo into the international market is what I say….

  8. FYI.. Chang is now available at Whole Foods. I am drinking one as I type this. It is far from a premium beer, but it does bring back fond memories of lazy days spent on lovely beaches. The only drawback that I see is that the export version is only 5% alcohol by volume, while the domestic version is approximately 6.4%. I say approximately, because quality control is rather lacking.. some bottles taste like beer-water, others could be used to fuel your vehicle!

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