For Chong: Cheap suits from a great Bangkok tailor

A suit bought from a Bangkok tailorIf you’ve ever been in Bangkok for more than a few minutes you will undoubtedly have had some rascal on the street approach you to try and tempt you into buying a suit. There are so many tailors in Bangkok that it’s often difficult to differentiate one from the other. They all seem to offer much of the same thing with the same sort of price tag, but I’m always wary of those pushy salesmen who try and pressurise you into going into their shop. When it comes to buying a suit in Bangkok, I want to be able to feel relaxed and not like I’m just some farang mug dragged in off the sidewalk.

I’m leaving the city soon and so it became do or die in terms of picking up a cheap suit in Bangkok. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Bangkok tailors, but I was recommended For Chong by a friend of mine and I’ve just been to pick my suit up. It’s fab and cost 4,800 baht. The process was unrushed and methodical. A couple of weeks ago I went to the tailor to get measured up, then a few days after that I went in for a fitting, another week later and I now have a kickass suit to take with me to Phuket.

The tailor’s is right next to the Thong Lor BTS station. You go out of exit one and walk back towards Prom Phong, past a shop selling toy cars, a pizzeria and a small supermarket. It’s about five minutes’ walk down the road on the right. The Thai chap who runs the place is an interesting character who I think is one of those people who lose something as soon as they put it down. Each time I paid him a visit there was something he couldn’t find for a few minutes. Aside from his forgetfulness though, he did a good job with my suit.

I had a good feeling about this tailor’s because it’s always busy with a well-to-do sort of clientele despite being located in a quiet spot on Sukhumvit Road. Furthermore, there weren’t any signs outside advertising prices; this tailor’s isn’t aimed at tourists. You should always be careful of a tailor’s that displays deals tarketing tourists, especially if they’re in US dollars. Also, unless you’re really in a hurry, there’s no advantage of having a suit rushed. I saw a tailor’s in MBK today with a sign that read: “Get a suit in 18 hours!” A good suit takes time.

It’s best to go to For Chong as early as possible because in the evenings it tends to be full of uni students picking up their suits. Check it out for great cheap suits in Bangkok.

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49 Responses to For Chong: Cheap suits from a great Bangkok tailor

  1. gnarlykitty says:

    who picked the fabric i wonder

  2. vanalli says:

    It was a good job you did, or else I might never have actually got anything.

  3. kathy says:

    i have thailand tailors and i really want to have a contact with you …

  4. Pitt says:

    I used to have a tailor shop this industry did make many people wealthy.

  5. Bones54 says:

    Sorry to deflate your bargain but ANY suit that costs around 200 USD is going to look like shit. Try Brioni or Kiton. They're goddam expensive but you'll look and feel great.

  6. James says:

    I agree the suits from Thailand can't compare to Brioni or Kiton but if you are willing to spend 200 to 400 Euros on a suit then you can get quite a wonderful suit at Inders Fashion on Sukhumvit Road Soi 11 – they use really high end fabrics and they produce suits for many tailors on Savile Row. You will not be disappointed. You can get more info on their services at! They have done some great suits and shirts for me and my friend!

  7. Willy says:

    What you get for that price is polyester fabric. It is no cashmere in Thailand.You can check any website for the price of resale cashmere fabric.I, my self is a tailor in Bangkok and tell you that the price for a mixed tropical wool will cost you at least 450.-USD or 298.- Euro. It is a trick to check cashmere.

  8. Stoffarh says:

    Hey.. i have a little problem.. ordered a suit at Brioni in bangkok.. but it still hasent arrived backhome in Denmark yet.. and i have lost the number to the shop.. anybody have an idea how i can contact them??

  9. Jack says:

    Hi Stoffarh. I have a feeling that you've been scammed unfortunately!

    Alternatively for a good tailors as well that we use is Crown Tailors on Sukhumvit soi 8. Good stuff indeed.

  10. chand says:

    Here is the phone of brioni shop for stoffarh
    (66) 02-611-6655

  11. peter says:

    i went to savilerow in bangkok,the tailor is near patpong road.It is really good.they made clothes that fitted me well and i m very satisfied with the service.i would suggest the foreigners to get the suits made from them.The price is very reasonable and the material is good.
    it is located in the 118 rose hotel,suriwongse road,near patpong road.
    u can contact them at the no. 0858441307 or 022354427

  12. steve says:

    If you are planning on having clothes tailored in Thailand or anywhere in Southeast Asia, please read this. So many people get ripped off by this that I am surprised that it is never included in the guides nor has anyone I know of written an good guide to negotiating the pitfalls of this venture. It should be a boxed text in LP Thailand. This attempts to correct that.

    The first thing you have to ask yourself when considering having a suit tailored in Southeast Asia is, "What do I expect?" If you have some fantasy about getting a "bespoke" suit equivalent or even close to what is produced by top notch tailors in England, New York, and Naples – then reconsider.
    What you can get from some of Asia's better tailors is a bit of hand detail work – and even that is enough to increase the dollar per stitch value of your investment considerably. Bespoke also generally means that you are working directly with the tailor who designs, fits, and cuts the pattern for your garment.

    Second, it is important to understand that workmanship is only about 50% of the value of a good suit. The other 50% is material. You could bring all of the tailors of Saville Row to Bangkok and give them a go with a rayon / polyester / sheep wool blend pinstripe and not get a single wearable garment. And, I am not just talking about the fabric, I am also talking about the thread, the interfacing, the lining, etc… You can't make a 60 dollar suit anywhere in the world using anything except crap material. A suit made of bad material will look like you found it in a ditch after one use because this sort of material simply can't hold its shape or structure.Making a good suit requires shaping, pressing, reshaping, stitching, shaping, pressing reshaping, etc… until it is perfect. There are also several necessary fittings before a final product can be arrived at.
    Most tailors in Asia have absolutely no design sensibility or if they have one, it is very different from your own. You simply cannot trust a tailor in Asia, as you can trust a tailor on Saville row or in Naples, to read your mind and produce the garment that you really want. Here, you have to ASK for EVERYTHING that you want. Now ask yourself, are you in a position to do so – to even know what you want? Well, if you can walk into a shop and say you want a "single breasted three button roll to two button double vented jacket with peak lapels, a natural shoulder, high small arm holes, high waist suppression, floating canvas, a patch left breast pocket, angled side flap side pockets, with a ticket pocket on the right", then you might be ok. If not, copy this and tell them, became it is probably what you want anyway. The problem is, if you don't know what it means and why and if your tailor does not speak perfect English, you still won't be able to communicate what you need to get a good suit.

    One warning, tailors in Thailand, even the good ones, love big shoulder pads. This is probably because Thais are naturally small in the chest and shoulders. If you are even a moderately build westerner this can make you look like a football player. You most likely want some shoulder padding, just strongly impress on the tailor to use VERY SMALL shoulder pads.

    Not to equate money with value, but sad to say, if you are not ready to spend around 400 USD for good custom tailored suit (this includes fabric), I doubt you will get something worth while. This is about 4 times the street price from the Indian tout-tailors, but at least here you are not waisting your money and will get a garment you can wear frequently and which will stand up in a formal situation. If you are not willing to spend this much, a ready-made product is the way to go. There is nothing inherently wrong with clothing manufactured for companies like Zara, Banana Republic, or the Gap. These clothes usually use 100% wool or cotton, are well made, and designed to fit almost everyone. And if they don't fit you perfectly, that is when a cheap tailor can really come in handy.

    Shirts are one place when you can do very well in Southeast Asia. I have had shirts made from several tailors in Bangkok, Laos, and in Vietnam, and many have stood the test. I have taken several Bangkok made shirts to top tailors in New York and London and they were frequently impressed with the products. Better tailors will have a good selection of 100% cotton.The tailors of Thailand can generally produce a magnificent copy with all of the improvements you might ask for. Pants also tend to be done well here and follow the same rules.There actually are good tailors in Bangkok. Most are on Sukimvit around Asok and Nana BMT stations. The best I've found is Savile row Tailor bangkok(savilerowfashion, but others are also quite skilled and a little dedication and research can turn them out. This doesn't mean that you'll get what you want, but at least you won't get robbed. Look for a tailor that uses 100% wool fabrics from Japan or Europe or bring your own. To test if wool is 100% wool, take a swatch of it and light it with a match. Wool will smell organic and burn a bit. A synthetic with crumble and melt like a plastic fork in a fire. A good tailor will work with your fabrics just as happily as he will sell you his own. His work is making clothes, not selling overpriced synthetics.

  13. steve says:

    Highly recommended

  14. Neen11 says:

    We used Brioni in Bangkok and had huge problems with them. The two suits were not what we asked for, but they were of the opinion that they fitted so too bad. I asked for skirts that were 50's style, but got a-lines, and jackets didn't have the collars I requested, and the pants had no waistband or pcokets as picked out of the catalogue. We had a four hour stand off with them on attempting to get them changed, where my husband was pushed violently, and I was threatened harm by a group of guys. Warning: stick together, they will seperate you to get what they want. They refused to refund money, so we either went home empty handed, or continued on. After the four hours, we finally got them to agree to change the suits to what I had picked out, but alas when they were delivered they still weren't what we wanted. The final product, being a french cuff shirt doesn't have it's buttons on the sleeves, one of the jackets is lop-sided, bith the skirts are missing their buttons, and the pants have no pockets or waistbands. Brioni refused to speak with us, and we came home disappointed :(

  15. Jason says:

    Interesting steve. Looks like you've just copied that entire writing all from the Lonely Planet and then used it and changed it to "your own shop name." Either this is a case of blatant advertising or else you've just taken something not yours at all and copied it! Either ways, not acceptable!

  16. The Lost Boy says:

    I did wonder why someone would write such a long comment about buying a suit.

  17. i had brough couple of suits from khoasan road and they were not up to the mark.Refuse to give a refund back as promise. would not recommend anyone going to boss tailor khoasan road

  18. sara says:

    anyone happen to know the telephone number for for chong?

  19. crus says:

    Stay away from Brioni – those slimy buggers ripped us off big time. The work seems descent but there are some obvious flaws in it. Not worth USD700. Bollocks.

  20. george says:

    While my visit in Bangkok I stayed at Somerset lake point sukumvit soi 16. I had my clothes made with the hotel tailor (TAILOR PRO) which is located on the 1st floor. We got some suits made which fits perfectly well without any alteration. From what I have learn they make suits for famous stars elija wood, peter thorn, Michael de. We got the suits on promotion, where you need to take the pamphlets in the hotel room to the store in order to get a good discount

  21. alex says:

    We just returned from Bangkok and myself and two friends got many suits and shirts made at Brioni @ Bangkok. We thought the service was excellent and treated with total respect. I purchased 3 suits, 5 shirts, and two ties for US $700. We had two fittings and they held our suits for us to pick up at the end of our trip. Cant say enough positive things about the people we dealt with.

  22. Blane says:

    This is going to sound like a weird question – but I am looking to get 20 Safari suits made and thought outsourcing to Thailand might save me some huge $$$. Can someone suggest a super cheap tailor – I mean SUPER cheap. The suits only need to last for 1 night

  23. Ben says:

    Savile Row is fine for safari,Tailor Pro are pretty basic but have a name. If you are on a budget then they are as good.bad as any.

  24. Jploo says:

    Coming to Bangkok for a suit, you will be surprised how the place has taken over Hongkong for tailoring. Many catering to foreign visitors who have discovered that the city has dethroned such Asian tailoring capitals as Hong Kong in value for money.
    DO NOT enter any shops that you are taken to by guides – you get ripped of as the guides get commission. Tuk Tuks and taxis also take you to guide shops – it is better to call the tailor you are interested in yourself and they will recommend you how to get there.
    I have used many tailors in Bangkok and have been totally impressed with Excelsior in downtown area. A must visit shop by the delegates and embassy staff in Bangkok.
    Their service is outstanding and they treated me and dressed me like a King. I have now made over 10 suits and 50 shirts with them in the last 2 years and am extremely happy with them. They visited my brother in law in Germany also on their visiting tailor trip and all his friends were also happy so if you need a suit made – don't waste your time – go to Excelsior.
    I have recommended many people to them and they have all been happy with the service and the quality.

  25. Mr B QUENAULT says:

    I had 3 suits in 2008, order No 1125084, would you sent me some samplys for mrs quenault in blue,brown,gray, for 3 suits. 28 hurford drive, thatchem newbury, berkshire, england

  26. Not a Savile Row Spammer says:

    [Comment removed -- there's no proof of the claims made here]

  27. Not a Savile Row Spammer says:

    [Comment removed -- there's no proof of the claims made here]

  28. How about Moonriver,world garment,Crown,Raja and rajawongse, Do they spam as well.?

  29. Oops forgot to say Moonriver also spam the Internet.comment is fake.

  30. If anyone write anything good he is called spammer . The biggest Spammer who compares himself to other famous Bangkok tailor is MOON RIVER IN Sukhumvit Bangkok. All their comments are fake and never shop at this shop. Just visit Tripadvisor forum and ask any of the person who has visited the shop and you would get all negative feedback.

  31. Seasoned Traveler says:

    We used Brioni at Bangkok with fantastic results. We had them ship our suits directly to California to avoid having to haul them around Asia with us. They arrived in about 1 week and are completely flawless. Of course, just like anything else, don't expect to get the best for next to nothing. It's cheap compared to American/Euro prices but you can't get a nice suit for 200USD. Upgrade to Cashmere/wool and get the best fabric they have. They'll keep your measurements on hand and you can call and mailorder new suits/shirts/etc anytime you like.

    This is a highly recommended tailor in Bangkok. They are big and do business for many of the large hotels in the area. Very reputable.

    Perhaps some of the bad experiences with them is a lack of skill/desire to negotiate in the Thai fashion. ;)

  32. James Meadow says:

    This JPLOO guy who wrote a comment on Feb, 20th 2009 is a spammer for sure. I would recommend everyone to boycott his shop Excelsior. He copied verbatim what some other guy wrote on another forum on Feb 19th 2008 – nearly a year before – and all he did was change the shop's name. What a cheap marketing style. Here is the link to the real review/comment – posted a year before -

  33. Arthur says:

    I went to Brioni Bangkok for 2 suits, 4 shirts and 4 ties, and i am very happy with the results.. I will order more in the near future.. A good recommendation..

  34. Tony says:

    Just been to Brioni's in Bangkok and hada gret result. Had more than we bargined for but it's all good quality fabric and workmanship. I can reccommend them and want to thank Antony and paul again for their professionalism.

  35. Barbara says:

    Having visited Brioni's at the recommendation of a local Thai who found us looking lost, I will now pass on the same recommendation to everyone else who's looking to get quality results. We were sceptical and I was worried about how they would look and if it was money well spent. Needless worry indeed! I had a jacket, 2 pairs of trousers and a top, all i quality fabric and the finished items are top class tailoring. To those who know about Bangkok's tailors with a bad rap BRIONI's is NOT one of them. Go there and speak with Anthony and Paul.

  36. The Lost Boy says:

    You went together?

  37. Josh says:

    Brioni is in the same grade as those of James and manhattan. They are tout shop that only Tuk Tuk can take you there since they are really very dislocated.

  38. Zonka says:

    I purchased 2 Suits, I Sports Jacket 4 shirts and 2 pants also 5 ties. The suits are really well tailored. I had 2 fittings and had the lot shipped back to Australia.
    Fabric was very good as was the shirts fabric. I would not hesitate to use them again.
    In fact I will order more over the net as they keep you measurements

  39. Jerome says:

    My girlfriend and I recently bought suits from The Brioni Shop.

    We were absolutely ripped off.

    My suit is poorly cut, not the fabric requested, and too small. My girlfriends skirt looks ridiculous: the lining isn't attached, the waistband is 1 inch with 1 1/2 inch belt loops (!), and is too long.

    I have tried emailing them, with no response. Calling them is worthless since both numbers do not work! Their website is non-functioning! We are trying to contact them to get our clothes fixed or a refund. If anyone knows how to actually contact these scam artists, please message back.

  40. Jean Paul Colin says:

    I have bought two suits, three trousers and five shirts at Brioni shop in Bangkok in December 2006. I would like to order trousers and shirts but i don't have the contact numbers, please help me to have a contact with Brioni Shop.

  41. Chanthap says:

    any one know the safari tailor in BKK?

  42. lauren says:

    Some friends and I went to Savile Row to have dresses made. One friend had them make her wedding dress. She got a great deal on it and it turned out exactly like she wanted.

    I had a black silk cocktail dress made. The style was what I wanted, but there was a very noticeable wrinkle in the lining of the top of the dress. I went back three times to have it fixed. Each time I tried it on in the shop, it looked exactly the same.

    I was very disappointed that a simple problem like this couldn't be fixed by people who are supposedly professional tailors. I will not be going back to them with any other business, as it was just too frustrating.

    Maybe they are better with men's clothing. I wouldn't recommend that women shop there.

  43. Stephen says:

    I have recently arrived back from Bangkok. I went to two different tailors in the hope of spreading the risk – brioni was one of them. I am soooo happy with my brioni suit compared with other – very professional and i highly recommend them. I find it quite hard to believe some people are actually writing negative comments about them. I have the contact details from their card. Tel: (66) 02 611 6655

  44. Big John says:

    Hello where is the best tailored suit shop best in the Phuket.One of my best friend reccomended to me at James fashion Corner (Mr.James 0865935043 ) at Naiyang Beach nearby 3km fronm Phuket Int Airport,He said to me James & his wife Peace is the very friendly and the best tailor in phuket because he using pure cashmere fabrics,that you can check by fire also as wel good finishing with extra special lining in the jacjet and pants.But it seems a bit expensive,I think if it is pure cashmere,its reasonable cost.He has done him two pure cashmere suits,extra pants & three cotton shirts @ cost of 575 us $.So if someone already been in his shop pls,let me tell about his quality & workmanship please.Im egerly interesting to have some nice suits.Thanks

  45. Gabriel A. says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you guys know that most of the tailors in Bangkok are similar, especially fabric wise, as I have tried so many of them like Narry, Gulati, Baron , that mostly in sukhumvit are, but if silom would be Jaspal, Arena, Petersen Cerruti, to be honest, the workmanship, fabric, as well as prices are all similar only one main thing that is different is service, I prefer Petersen Cerruti as they really know what you want and the real designer and tailor personally come to my hotel to measure me up, even he can sketch a style you like by just explaining hime what you want and give me a fitting at the hotel, and even when the delivery time, he also come to deliver everything himself, so everything came out perfect as what you have order, no mistake or miscommunication at all, as I live and work in Singapore, there is no such service like this available there, even if it does exist, it must be damn expensive.

  46. Big John says:

    10june2010-Wel now i got two nice cashmere suit with special lining on jacket and 7 shirt 100% cotton long sleves shirt @ cost of 690 us $ from James & Peace at (phuket armani fashion shop )near naiyang beach,3km from phuket international airport.Located at in front entrance of 5star Indigo pearl hotel.I've many of other tailor over their but as usually not satisfied workmanship and quality that's why it seems very cheap but and the best one as like James'Suit.If you desire really very nice finishing tailore made cashmere suit please visit once James Tailored shop or call 0865935043,He'll pick up you anywhere in the phuket island.I'm very happy with his friendly dealing and behavier and heartly recommend to all my colleagues and friends to go his shop.Once again thanks for Mr.James and his wife Peace for their better job.Thanks
    Mark Thompson

  47. Simon says:

    Hi Mark, I doubt that anyone from the UK uses such poor grammar.

    Are they really doing these cheap marketing tricks?
    I am visiting Phuket in a week, and am visiting BKK. I don't want to be ripped off, so maybe I won't buy a suit at all.
    Anyway, a friend of mine did recommend Brioni, and he is studying at a premium private fashion academy in The Netherlands.

    He recommended Brioni, so I am now searching the internet for comments. They vary from poor to great. I have no idea what to expect.

    I will take a look at Phuket Armani Fashion shop (I know exactly where it is) and will also visit Brioni.

    I will update you guys whenever I have been there and have seen the goods for myself.
    Best regards

  48. Peter W says:

    Update on earlier post if anyone is still reading this forum.

    Visited BK on way through to europe and arranged a few suits and extras. Went to two tailors, Brioni, who actually have 3 shops in BK, and Tony's Fashion House, just a short walk away from Siam City hotel (which I'd recommend to anyone, price was great, hotel was almost 5 star, staff were fantastic, but that's for another thread). Anyway, tried Tony's as they were recommended. A suit with 2 pairs of trousers and 6 shirts came to 12,500 baht (less than $480 Oz). Fabric was 150 weight wool cashmere blend, nice choice of fabrics and colours. 2 fittings to get it just right. Result – very reasonable for the money. Sewing is very good, fit maybe a little snug, we'll see how it wears.

    Second visit was to Brioni. As this was my original planned tailor went for a bit more here. 2 suits, each with 2 pairs of trousers and again in 150 weight wool cashmere blend, 7 shirts in heavier egyptian cotton fabric of choice, one heavy woollen overcoat, 1 pair of chinos, 3 silk ties and 2 leather belts. Total price 59,000 baht, or $2060 Oz. A lot of money you might think, but the suits alone could have cost this back in Oz. The shirts are as good as $50-60 purchases in Sydney. Ties would go for $30-40 each in a typical men's shop. Chinos, $80-90, overcoat $200+.

    Trousers all fully lined, jackets with satin lining of choice, overcoat in a lovely textured satin quilted lining, chinos, even though a solid fabric, also lined. Fit also good, 2 fittings to get it just right.

    Maybe I could have gotten things cheaper if I'd spent a few days haggling with different shops, but I flew in on the thursday evening and flew out on the saturday night, so not really an option. Both shops were keen for business, offering taxi rides to and from the hotel, even offering to pick me up from the airport on arrival. The recent unrest has severely dented business and they are desperate for tourists to come and buy their wares, so there has never been a better time. With the Oz dollar so high you can easily get 27 baht or more exchange rate.

    Be aware though that you may have difficulty buying luggage to carry your new wardrobe with you. Explaining what a suitcase is to a tuk-tuk driver who only knows food, drink and massage is a task in itself.

  49. Bangkok Dan says:

    To everyone talking about your good/bad experiences with Brioni in Bangkok: You are probably talking about completely different places. Have you not seen the signs all over town saying "Armani Tailors" or "Versace Custom Suits"? Obviously these are people ripping off the name of a famous designer and slapping it on their own shop. Brioni is the same way: it is a very high-priced European fashion house. They have no shops in Thailand. Therefore, anybody using the name "Brioni" for their tailor shop in Bangkok is NOT "Brioni in Bangkok", but rather "some cad in Bangkok claiming to be Brioni". I would venture to bet that, just with Armani and Versace, there are quite a few completely different and unrelated shops that rip off the Brioni name. Apparently some are at least decent tailors and some are total scam artists, but don't labor under the impression that you're all talking about the same outfit, just because it shares the same name.

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