For Chong: Cheap suits from a great Bangkok tailor

A suit bought from a Bangkok tailorIf you’ve ever been in Bangkok for more than a few minutes you will undoubtedly have had some rascal on the street approach you to try and tempt you into buying a suit. There are so many tailors in Bangkok that it’s often difficult to differentiate one from the other. They all seem to offer much of the same thing with the same sort of price tag, but I’m always wary of those pushy salesmen who try and pressurise you into going into their shop. When it comes to buying a suit in Bangkok, I want to be able to feel relaxed and not like I’m just some farang mug dragged in off the sidewalk.

I’m leaving the city soon and so it became do or die in terms of picking up a cheap suit in Bangkok. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to Bangkok tailors, but I was recommended For Chong by a friend of mine and I’ve just been to pick my suit up. It’s fab and cost 4,800 baht. The process was unrushed and methodical. A couple of weeks ago I went to the tailor to get measured up, then a few days after that I went in for a fitting, another week later and I now have a kickass suit to take with me to Phuket.

The tailor’s is right next to the Thong Lor BTS station. You go out of exit one and walk back towards Prom Phong, past a shop selling toy cars, a pizzeria and a small supermarket. It’s about five minutes’ walk down the road on the right. The Thai chap who runs the place is an interesting character who I think is one of those people who lose something as soon as they put it down. Each time I paid him a visit there was something he couldn’t find for a few minutes. Aside from his forgetfulness though, he did a good job with my suit.

I had a good feeling about this tailor’s because it’s always busy with a well-to-do sort of clientele despite being located in a quiet spot on Sukhumvit Road. Furthermore, there weren’t any signs outside advertising prices; this tailor’s isn’t aimed at tourists. You should always be careful of a tailor’s that displays deals tarketing tourists, especially if they’re in US dollars. Also, unless you’re really in a hurry, there’s no advantage of having a suit rushed. I saw a tailor’s in MBK today with a sign that read: “Get a suit in 18 hours!” A good suit takes time.

It’s best to go to For Chong as early as possible because in the evenings it tends to be full of uni students picking up their suits. Check it out for great cheap suits in Bangkok.

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  1. Ashler203 says:

    Stay away from BRIONI Tailor.
    We were taken to BRIONI by a tuk tuk driver. They use high pressure selling and quoted TBHT 5500 for a suit with. Two pants.
    I eventually had the same made by Amarin near Prstunam for TBHT 4000.
    They are ar 13, Raja MRI Road, Pathuwan. Ph (662). 650 3238

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