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  1. Glad I finally checked out the site. The damn guru needs a website. How can a fellow lostboy figure out what's going on Friday night without waiting for the BP Friday morning? Anyway keep up the good work, maybe I'll catch you at one of these parties or hanging around Bkk's biggest penis. Peace!

  2. hi
    excellent story in the guru mag. thanks I am also looking for a friend, a ladyboy lover here in chiang mai.

  3. We enjoy your prespective on everyday event as a personal thing.
    I do not agree with some of the words but you do make a good point for your side.
    When you come to Pattaya it woud b nice to see you in person.
    Keep your eyes open and your mouth to learn not teach.

    Don of Pattaya

  4. Hi,

    I'm Sallie and we met at club soma's party last Sat..( hope you still remember me, I was the one who walked to you and said I'm the fan of the lost boy) Anyway, it's nice chatting with you but really sad to know that you will only write the column once a month only. I sometimes log on to your site but never leave a comment. I guess Ihave to do it this time to let you know there're your fans out there :)
    I wish you all the best iwith your new job and looking forward to your articles soon again.


  5. Great post about finding freelance writing jobs in Bangkok. I appreciate your honesty and love your recent posts about farang bashing on Phuket and the sad, sad taxi situation.

  6. Great site mate…keep up the good work. very knowledgable site about life in thailand as Im a british thai and will be moving back soon on a mission to open a club with some close friends and people who I knew in london and ready to rock the club scenes in bkk so look out for a club called The Fabulous club comming soon ,and seems that you got good connections with naka the fab DJ maybe you can hook me up with some DJ's and some people on the club scene in bkk. anyway overall this site is wickid good work and nuff respect.. cheers..

  7. Cool blog :) Quite an interesting read for me as I've spent quite a bit of time in Thailand and love the country (and it's food!). Making me want to go back!

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