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Here are some key stories from the 4th High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness that I've compiled (including a few for background):

Busan High Level Forum on Aid promises better services for world’s bottom billion

Helen Clark: Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

Blair: Overseas aid really works

Where's the International Leadership on International Development?

Busan – an explainer

Clinton in S. Korea Ahead of Historic Burma Visit

Africa is on the move, says Blair

Time for a new deal for 'fragile states'

China pulls out of aid partnership

Busan: the stakes couldn't be higher

As you may have noticed, the Guardian has gone into overdrive covering this forum. Lots of good stuff from the Global Development folks there.

A special mention to Save the Children/World Vision who pulled an interesting/weird stunt at the forum!

"The message of the stunt is that aid plays a vital role in the health of children and mothers, but donors should take steps to improve the quality of aid so more lives can be saved."

Key blog posts:

The open data revolution comes to aid – Guest blog from Owen Barder

Beyond Busan 3: What management, for which results?

Harnsessing Aid Effectiveness at Busan

Canada makes transparency announcement from Busan

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Ket Tweets from today:

@HelenClarkUNDP:"we need 2 shift focus from aid effectiveness 2 development effectiveness.Beyond aid 2 maximise resources 4 development

@Golichenko Olga
Mutual accountability between countries and donors is important says Sidibe #UNAIDS #HLF4

@r_ssewa Richard Ssewa
#hlf4 leadership is very critical in pushing the gender agenda and this is something that we need to think about as we move on.

@JosetteSheeran Josette Sheeran
"It's unprecedented tht the global aid forum is in a country which once survived on int aid" but now self-reliant; #Korea DG 4 aid Park Enna

@whydev whydev.org
Lest we forget, Brazil, India and potentially Russia, also not signing the partnership. #Busan #HLF4

TonyBlair at #hlf4: The challenge is – less to do with 'what' but more to do with 'how' #busan

@SusanaSitjaIDB Susana Sitja
Nepal has 34percent women representatives in parliament says Baskota from Ministry of Finance Nepal at #HLF4 #Busan #gender

@SusanaSitjaIDB Susana Sitja
Fiscal policy is not gender neutral. Identify expenses directed to gender equity to inform public policy says Almeida of Ecuador at #HLF4

@meripu Meripuu
#untying #aid read exchange btw @atbenphillips Tony Blair & Rah Shah tl.gd/eegddp #hlf4

@SusanaSitjaIDB Susana Sitja
More money in hands of women leads to more expenditure in education says Amanda Ellis from New Zealand at #HLF4 #Busan

@SusanaSitjaIDB Susana Sitja
Gender equality dimensions need to be included in any global partnership for development says Gurria at #HLF4 #Busan

@efareport UNESCO EFA Report
Aid to post-secondary #education should be used to increase the quality of higher ed in developing countries. #HLF4

@InterpeaceTweet Interpeace
30% of Official Development Assistance spent in fragile & conflict-affected contexts. Need to make sure it works! bit.ly/sqMePf #HLF4

@marktran Mark Tran
Tony Blair at #Busan on authoritarian African regimes: "at a certain point the politics has to match the development" #HLF4 #globaldev

@Oxfam Oxfam International
Delivering quality aid is not just about giving the right amount; it's about giving it in the right way. #HLF4 youtu.be/cijLs3jAoI8

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