Danish tourist found dead

A Danish tourist with Down syndrome who went missing from his hotel in Patong on January 28 has been found dead, according to a report this morning.

Henrik Rasmussen was 47. Check the Gazette later this morning for more details as they become available.

It will be very interesting to see what’s behind this.

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3 thoughts on “Danish tourist found dead

  1. probably he was walking along with his Thai boyfriend and another foreign friend, when they started to fight, then a nice off-duty Thai policeman tried to re-establish peaceful relations, so they attacked him, then he went back to his off-duty motorcycle, got his off-duty gun and accidentally shot them 3 times.

    What do you think? Would it fly twice?


  2. I note the two wounds found in his back. My, what a surprise! No wounds at the front of course. I can hear the defendant already: " Me and my 15 mates were doing nothing, officer. He ran at us with a large machete. We had no choice but to defend ourselves. Is 5000 baht enough?""

  3. Are you the same person who wrote the Morally Diminished blog last year? If so you should restart that again!!! xox

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