Dili is making me sick

I don't know what is going on, but upon my return to Dili, I appear to have come down with all sorts of illnesses, all at the same time. First of all my tonsillitis came back, which was unpleasant. Then I caught a cold, which I'm just getting over now. And then I did something weird to my neck, which at first I thought was because I slept funny, but now I'm starting to think it might be something else because one side of my neck, not my throat, hurts a bit when I swallow.

It's been difficult to get back to work with this going on. I think I'm on the mend, but you can never tell with these things. There is definitely something about the water in Dili that my body doesn't agree with. I had some weird skin problems before that went away when I left Dili last year. I don't think it's the climate because I've lived in Southeast Asia for a while now. Maybe it's the dust.

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2 thoughts on “Dili is making me sick

  1. Hi Matt,

    It seems like you habve MUMPS.
    "Symptoms of mumps commence with a general feeling of being unwell, accompanied by a fever and the gradual onset over 24 to 48 hours of swelling of the salivary glands located between the angle of the jaw and the ear on each side of the face. The swelling can then involve the other two salivary glands in succession. These glands are located just under the jaw line on the side of the face as it extends down the jaw. In the complete picture you may have the ear lobe on each side pushed away from the face and the smooth line of the jaw lost in the swelling"

    You should see a doctor and take bed rest.


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