Disappointed with Hostel 2

Yesterday, unlike last year, I actually didn’t go out and float a krathong. Instead, I stayed home and watched Hostel 2 – what a waste of time that was. After all the reviews I’d read, I was expecting something shocking – something truly grotesque that would churn my stomach. All I got was boredom and a feeling that I’d wasted my money on an awful movie.

I thought the first Hostel movie was great. Despite what the critics said, it really encapsulated that feeling of helplessness you discover when you find yourself in a strange, unknown place. The movie was dark and mysterious. In spite of its flaws, it really chilled me.

Hostel 2, however, was just overkill. It ruined all the suspense and fear of the original with limited dialogue, idiotic characters and excessive exploration of territory that would have needed a better director and writer to really get into. There was even a clumsy reference to Thailand. Each death scene was dull and uninspiring, to the point where I didn’t care who lived and who died.

The whole movie was just awkward and pointless. I think the horror genre in the West is dead. I started watching Saw 4 today and that was even worse. Everything has just become excessive. The Asians seem to have horror movies nailed far better than the Americans. There’s no psychology in anything that comes out of Hollywood any more.

It’s a great shame because I used to be a big fan of horror movies, even though I’m totally squeamish. Has anyone seen any decent horror films recently?

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5 thoughts on “Disappointed with Hostel 2

  1. I do agree with you Matt , Part 2 was horrible
    while i really like Part 1. I'm a slasher film fan.
    Is Saw 4 really that bad ? seem they wont release
    in Thailand because of censor problem. Most of my favourite
    horror movies are asian . American cant scare me at all.
    If u want some psychology horror , i recommened you
    a korean movie " A Tale Of Two Sisters " .
    See it now cause the hollywood remake gonna release this year.

    Miss you na

  2. Torture pr0n, as those torture, bloody movies have come to be known, makes money. Of course, Hollywood is going to keep cranking them out. You are right, there hasn't been a good classic HORROR out in ages.

    I mean, I *love* original Saw. That's some classic horror. I heard Hostel is the same way, just more gruesome, crossing into TP territory but still leave room to scare you in a deeper level. Classic horror, I'd watch and will put up with the nightmares my overactive imagination will produce for the following few nights. But TP, I won't even go near it. It's not entertaining to me.

  3. I actually thought that Saw 4 and Hostel 2 were decent movies.
    I had been a fan of both of the movies since they had originally started.

    The nasty scene where the girl is getting off while laying in a pool of blood was just tehorrific. (terrific & horrifying lol) One of the craziest scenes I have ever seen in any movie period. (hostel 2)

    I dont actually expect these types of movies to be good. BUT I do expect these types of movies to have the most creative ways to witness someone die. That is why I really watch them. I enjoy the ways the directors kill people. Isn't that why people are interested in these type of movies?

    hmmmmmm then again I dont think I have good taste in movies. I am not big on movies and I probably dont know what I am talking about either when it comes to movies. Just my opinion

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