Drug raids in Thailand

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6 thoughts on “Drug raids in Thailand

  1. These raids are ridiculous.

    I was caught in one last year getting out of DJ and it was just bad luck… Everybody KNEW the police would be coming and we were on our way out just before they would arrived to avoid the kerfuffle.

    Unfortunately i got caught by a friend and was 5 minutes too late! But luckily i was in the front of the queue and had only to wait for 45 minutes.

    They did not caught anybody but a couple of stupid farangs (how many times one has to say "don't do drug in Thailand…") and a few Thai boys who did not know. All the usual suspects had gone or did not go out that night…

    It was the usual circus with TV crew filming the farang and boys leaving Soi 2! One had to sign a paper all in Thai (yeah right…) and queue to pee in a converted bus…

    Better have use the occasion to give away free condoms and HIV/AIDS info…


  2. If everybody knows in advance, these raids are quite useless I think. But like many other things, it is all a matter of windowdressing. And as long as people are using drugs, the raids won't disappear I think.

  3. Some of the smaller Phuket Town clubs are where the drug problem is pretty bad.

    In terms of the difference between the UK and Thailand, Britain is a much more prosperous country where its much less likely someone will fall into a life of cheap highs or crime from their involvement in the clubscene.

    Also its a different drug of choice (or used to be), Ya Bah is strong, cheap and addictive whilst E's for example aren't addictive and weren't particularly cheap.

    America is probably a better comparison as Metamphetamine is much more popular over there, some Schools routinely have drug tests etc…

  4. Walking into the middle of a public bust as you did here is one thing, but a private bust at a house is whole other scare. Several months ago, I walked into the middle of a drug raid in a house, when all I expected to do was watch some footy. My cousin and I were lucky to be released, as apparently they believed us, but if we had showed up 10 to 15 minutes prior, and been there before the bust had gone down, perhaps we would have been screwed, especially knowing that I might have likely taken a hit from the bong! If only Thailand did like Holland, there'd certainly be less problem attics to worry about…

    -The Siamerican Wanderer

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