Drum 'n' bass lands in Patong, Phuket

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14 thoughts on “Drum 'n' bass lands in Patong, Phuket

  1. Just went to a futurebound gig here in uk- would make me warm inside to know someone might play their track 'soundsystem' or matrix&futurebounds 'coast to coast' (check it out on beatport or myspace) over there.. do it Matt- you are a crusaders of truth and dnb. :D

  2. Next bassload with Marco, aka dj EM will be on Wednesday 24th October as scheduled.
    Hope you can join us and serve up more of the good stuff.
    All the best.

  3. I'm gonna be in Phuket from weekend till sometime next mid-week. I'm big into dnb and I play it myself. Looks like I just missed a night! Damn… Anywhere I can go in Phuket for some decent dnb during the nights I'll be there? If not, anywhere else folks here would recommend going?

    And just out of curiosity, are the infamous shrooms readily available? How does one go around looking for it?

  4. Roy, we just had a great dnb party last night. If you're in town this weekend there might be a party at Tri Trang beach, but not sure about anyone playing dnb cos I have to go to Bangkok this weekend. Check out Club Lime for sure, and if you're here until Wednesday, Montonn Jira is playing.

  5. Thanks vanalli, but I won't be in Phuket by Wednesday. Where exactly is Tri Trang beach? I'll be staying in Patong.

  6. Tri Trang is at the southern end of Patong beach. Up the hill, down the other side, over a small bridge, follow road, then turning for the beach is on your right, look out for Fine Thank sign. Unfortunately we wont be making a party there this weekend as we have to spin on a local island.
    As for dnb, you may be out of luck as I dont know of any other clubs or venues playin this style in Phuket. Definately recommend you check out ClubLime on the weekend though, as they keep surprising us with International dj's alongside resident dj Eddie.

  7. Hi, am gonna be in Phuket between 31st May and 12th June 2008. Do you know of any d&b events goin on during this period or any sites with club listings.

    Thanks mate

  8. I will be in Phuket in one week. I am coming a very long way to get here and no nothing at all about this place. What are the chances of finding a still standing drum n bass event? I would honestly be willing to trek it out for any outdoor party. Feel free to email me at DMXXII@GMAIL.COM

  9. I'd say there's very little chance, but Die is in Bangkok on November 5 and then Roni Size on November 12. I'll be at both parties I think. Utah Jazz is also in BKK some time around early November. Hit me up on email if you need to.

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