Falling lizards and bad luck in Thailand

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15 thoughts on “Falling lizards and bad luck in Thailand

  1. One of the charming things about Thailand, those old time superstitions!

    While I was there, someone gave me an amulet, told me to wear it to "protect you from all bad things." Of course, I don't buy into all that stuff wholesale but… um… I've yet to take the amulet off. LOL



  2. I am not superstitious – touch wood, fingers crossed.
    Seriously I too have one of those small stone amulet things that was given to me by my girlfriend's father when I first came to Thailand. It's been in a pocket in my wallet ever since.
    On the subject of creatures, what does it mean when you find a dead cockroach on your condo floor? Does that have any special meaning? ;-)

  3. darn it! I was sure that falling lizards were always good luck – I've been hit on a number of occasions, guess that explains the start of the year that I've had!

  4. Hmmm, then I best avoid any overhanging branches around Lumpini lest one of those horny monsters collapse on mine head! Not sure if that's a blessing in disguise but it surely shalt given me one massive migrane!

  5. I think if it falls to your feet in front of you right before you leave the house, you're not suppose to leave the house that night. That sort of thing.

    If one of the jing-joks (the white little geckos) falls on your head, you're doomed to a life of jing-jok phobia. Wait. That's just me…

  6. I've just been writing a similar article and came across your story by Googling 'thailand house lizard superstition'.

    This morning, a chingchok landed on my head and into the sink when I was brushing my teeth. I didn't know about this particular superstition until a Thai friend told me. She didn't ask me about the direction the tail was pointing and was convinced I was in for bad luck, especially because it's suk sip sam too! At least you've given me a glimmer of hope; I'm trying to convince myself that the tail was pointing to the right!

  7. today(monday,july 13)a baby lizard crossed over my left foot.what will happen????????I am afraid.pleeeaaaaaaase help me

  8. What does it mean if two lizards fall on the back of my left shoulder and then run circles around my stomach and run down my leg?

  9. Guys take it easy. Just do the tradition stuff just to morally feel bett
    its a superstition just treat it like one .

    a lizerd fell on me just moments ago .i was googleing abt it my cell.& Im shocked by the hype u guys are putting into it.

    the fact is my room has a lot or lizerds. Its not the first time it fell on me &nothing happned then.

    just do what u have to.

    besides u guys are using the net right. Just google peple eat lizerds .

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