From cigarettes, to Pepsi Max and on to fruit juice

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18 thoughts on “From cigarettes, to Pepsi Max and on to fruit juice

  1. Pepsi Max *is* sugar-free – the tagline is (or certainly used to be) "Maximum taste, no sugar".

    Good luck!

  2. pepsi Max like other diet drinks contains Aspartame as sweetner. If you've read anything about Aspartame, you'll know you'd be better off eating your cigarretes than drinking that

  3. Bondia Matt. My last cigarette was sometime mid-late February this year. My trick? Move to a new country where nobody I know smokes. It worked for me…

  4. I read Allen Carrs Easy Way To Stop Smoking 2 years ago when I was a 20-a-day (or more) smoker. Impact was immediate – can't recommend this book enough to anybody trying to pull themselves off the habit.

  5. Almost no cigarette since dec 22. But more alcohol :) And no tips for would-be-non-smokers. I guess it is just about willingness of quiting.

    Are you sure that the orange juice is sugar free???

  6. Matt,

    There is NO sugar in Pepsi max…There are some sweeteners like aspartame and acetosuphalte K if I remember well. Aspartame can be addictive. I had a Pepsi Max addiction a few years ago when I had to drink it at least once a day until one day I was very sick and then I stopped. I started again but not very often. Funny enough Diet coke doesn't do that to me, mostly because I don't like it. Funny enough too, Coke zero taste very much like Pepsi Max but more watery…

    If you worry about your weight, Pepsi Max is not a problem. If you worry about your teeth, it is not the sugar the problem but the acidity! Pepsi/Coke are extremely acidic, and when I say extremely it is about 2 or 3 on the pH scale (which measure the acidity on a 1-14 scale, average is 7, your body fluid like blood is a ~7.4).

    Juices will be acidic too and damage your teeth, like green apple would do… Juices are also high in sugar, fruits contain mostly sugar and fibers but fortunately they contain fructose which the human body does not really use.

    The sugar in your fruit juice bought on the street will come from the large amount of saccharose that the street seller add to the drink (that's the bad sugar) in liquid form but that you put in cube in your coffee. Be also aware that street sellers add salt and quite a lot of it! I love it but if you have hypertension or a related heart disease it is not such a good idea…

    As always it is all a question of moderation and in the Land of the Buddha.. that is the middle way!


  7. A whole cartoon of juice? Wow…

    No, seriously, careful with the juice, natural or not, fruit juice is full of sugar and calories.

  8. Hey Matt
    It's nice to hear that u are trying to quit smoking. My dad has been trying like mor than twenty yrs. He said he will never be able to do it cuz' his mind is not strong enough. Plus, he also said " lung cancer might call me Papa already " >< which is sad though. It's good for u not to drink the diet soda but fruit juice instead better to find 100% one or eat real fruit instead :P

    Be strong and u will be able to quit finally =]

  9. Never smoked, which means I have no idea whatsoever about quiting.

    I agree very much with the story of roger, maybe in stead of juice of pepsi max, you could try mineral water, but I'm not sure if that's available in Thailand. Here we have many kinds of it.

    Good luck with beating the habit.

  10. have you tried using those nicotine patches and gum? my friends use it and they testify that it works. they've been off smoking for 3 months now.

  11. My advice.
    1) Use the Patch while trying the following 2 ideas
    2) Have better self control. Always think you want to quit when you want to smoke a cig.
    3) Smoke the green plant instead of smoking cigarettes. Every time you want to smoke a cig smoke the green instead. If you feel like smoking a cig after you smoke the green then just smoke more green. This process may take 3 weeks to 4 months. Everyone is different. Green is not addictive and it is better to replace cig smoke with a natural plants smoke. Lucky for you Thai has very good quality green I hear. But be very careful with this advice. I am not sure about the laws in Thai regarding this.

  12. Hey dude, Im also quiting this smoking habbit. I have been smoking for around 10 yrs. Now my age is 24…. I have quit previously but the problem comes when u suddenly stop some thing. So i could not and i continued.
    So this time i have decided a different method. See u cannot stop cigarettes immediately which is not possible for people like me. So we try for alternatives. Don do that. Its tough but u just need will power. Don smoke for the full day. But buy a cigarette in the morning keep it with you. You can tell your self u can smoke jus one for the day.
    So keep postponding it when ever you feel like. Have it before you sleep,.
    then do it in such a way you have it once in 2 to 3 days then a week athen a month.

    Finally you would not feel like smoking. I have quit now. Its almost 8 months. For people like me are addicted to these stuff. So try doin this.
    Hope it works…

    Remember never listen to any one else listen to your self's. And don quit because others told you, U won't be able to.


    Renu Varman

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