Further complications

After my bout of food poisoning here in Bangladesh, I thought I was good to go. I expected to recover and be done with sickness so that I could get on with my work. But it wasn't to be.

I'd been feeling better for a few days, but then Sunday, August 15, happened. I woke up and I just hurt. Everything hurt. I was in serious pain and could barely move. Every time I stood up I blacked out. Then the fever hit me, and my goodness, I'd never had a fever like it.

It was unfortunate that I'd watched Terminator Salvation the night before because in my delirious state, I became convinced I was a robot. You know what it's like when you have a fever — weird thoughts go through your mind. This took it to a whole new level.

Despite being a robot, I was still throwing up and of course had diarrhea and in general felt like I'd been hit by a train. Was this food poisoning again? Twice in two weeks? I really don't know. I hadn't been eating out, not that I can remember anyway.

This lasted a few days. I then had to go on a field trip, still feeling groggy, but recovering. On the trip, we stayed at what I considered to be quite a swanky hotel for Bangladesh. I hadn't eaten for a few days so I ordered a club sandwich on room service. I was ready to eat.

I managed about three-quarters of the sandwich before my stomach started feeling odd again. I convinced myself that it was impossible to be poisoned by a sandwich and went to sleep. Needless to say, I woke up back at square one the next morning. The joy.

We returned to Dhaka and I got back into bed for a couple of days. At this point I made a vow to stick to a diet of Lay's crisps and Coca-Cola. I went on another trip, first to Chitagong and then to Cox's Bazar, where I crashed at an NGO house. I was feeling all right and had dinner at the house. They wouldn't poison me, surely.

The next morning, I got out of bed and promptly threw up weird yellow gook. I was beginning to think there was nothing I could eat without getting sick.

Suffice to say, I am hungry and missing the food in Thailand.

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2 thoughts on “Further complications

  1. It seems to me you've an acute shortage of capsaicin ;)

    Seriously though, take care and go on a Kao Tom diet when you return !

  2. God, you must be wafer thin by now. For goodness sakes make sure you clean the top of the Coke cans before you drink. I hope your Mum (or a loved one)reads your blog, otherwise, who will send out a search party if need be?

    BTW, how does one opt to receive follow up comment notifications/emails to posts?


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