The greatest comment ever

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10 thoughts on “The greatest comment ever

  1. Cliche = a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse…

    Isn't the phrase "new cliches" an oxymoron?…or maybe the guy who wrote it was just a moron…

  2. i guess within the timeline of cliches there are old and new cliches.. the tired rants of your average farangotan wandering around bangkok trying to 'go native' whilst acting like a social outcast and commenting on 'the Thais' like they are another species is undeniably an old cliche. You can run but you can't hide. No that's not a threat, just an assertion about most foreigners in Thailand.. myself included. Still all criticism is good criticism eh?? Take care mate. Mark

  3. yo.. having re-read my comment above (which was made at 4am when i got back from last night) i wanna clarify my ramblings.. i wasn't saying you are doing the cliche thing, just that it could be easy to fall into that trap, especially the longer we stay here.. know what i mean? Apart from that, i'd say ignore whoever wrote the original comment and keep up the good work :)

  4. ohhh, i like your blog and your writing.
    helps me a lot. always when i open this page immediately i fall in a short relaxing sleep and then beeing refreshed and reloaded with new energie i can go to other places on the net. har har.

  5. Matt: The fact that he launches such a general criticism and mentions no specific qualms, suggests to me that he's a troll who doesn't actually have a point and was just looking to use the oh-so-original and sophisticated term "Farangotan."

  6. Because only a retard would use "retarded" to describe "mongoloid". Throwing "pre-pubescent" in there doesn't make a comment more witty or intelligent. Not to mention the fact that using "retarded…mongoloid" as an insult is just, well, cliched.

    Enough feeding the troll.

    But hey, you're not a certifiable blogger until you have yourself a troll here and there. ;-)

  7. How can someone fingerless write? Your writing is readable. Someone with no fingers would have written something like this:

    "dlkfhgefrb jh rhfrjfnlrufgi;stiuoib klskstytghtg"

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