Henrik Rasmussen

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8 thoughts on “Henrik Rasmussen

  1. ho hum… There'll be another massive face-saving coverup so as not to endanger thaialnd's delicate reputation as a safe destination for tourists. Thais dont give a shit about disabled people anyway so dont expect them to show much sympathy. They believe a disability is the result of bad karma and the victim, frankly, got what's coming. Only good-looking, rich people with shiny white teeth and fair skin are revered because, of course, they did some good stuff in their past lives and are now reaping the rewards. They are deserving of a good grovel and kowtowing deference in the hope that some of their good karma will rub off. The beaches are nice though.

  2. That's crap but sadly not suprising for Patong these days. Criticism shouldn't be reserved solely for the Thais either however deserving. How many tourists blinded to everything bar their own self indulgences were there at the time.

  3. I agree anyone including a bunch of drunken farang could have committed the crime. But my point is that we shouldn't expect the police to do too much about it because a) they dont give a damn about less-than-perfect people, and b) will accept a higher offer from the TAT to sweep it under the carpet.

  4. why is it that the source of this kind of information is always blogs, forums and international media? does the major English dailies in Thailand get some kickback of the tourism revenue or something? or they must be thinking if they report this incident, farrangs wold run away from thailand and nobody would buy their publications.

    Back home in India its exactly the opposite, thanks to (kinda) free press. There are so many independent media outlets, it is difficult for them to manipulate the news… if x newspaper releases such a story and y doesn't, it makes y loose face. here in thailand there are only 2, we r screwed, we don't have a choice but to consume what they feed us.

  5. Well, let me try answer that question, Sajal, as I have some direct experience of the two English newspapers in question. The problem is that they are unable to hire foreigh English-speaking reporters, so they have to rely on a local's 1) crap reporting skills, and 2) a local's acute sense of face in difficult situations. Not only does the reporter feel reluctant to report on something that will embarrass them in the eyes of their English-speaking (foreign) editors, but they are easily slipped a few hundred baht to go away by either the police or the TAT while at the scene of the story. All very sad really. The beaches are very nice though.

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