How long before we see another **** in Thailand?

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7 thoughts on “How long before we see another **** in Thailand?

  1. I was recommended your blog by a friend, and over the last couple of weeks I've been making my way through some of your archives. You've got some great posts and your feed is now a regular read for me.

    I too was alarmed to read the news this morning of Samak's revival of the 'war on drugs', however my only source was a BBC news article… so thanks for putting it into more context. I'm not sure however that another C-word is on the table. But who knows? I guess time will tell (or perhaps history has told us already).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Even with this strange thoughts… the party still is popular in Thailand. What is it that make people so enthousiastic about them?

    You're right, this new "war" looks serious enough.

  3. The next coup, if there is to be a coup, will probably not be bloodless. A lot of people are uneasy about what Samak is doing; to be frank he seems a bit demonic.

    The purge has started, the bloodletting begun. Let the games commence.

    The lid has been removed from Pandora's box in Thailand and there will be interesting times ahead.


  4. Samak is a populist. The pro-Thaksin lower middle class like him and I can't see anyone outside of the Westernized media crying over a few dead drug dealers. Trouble is the crackdown will be used to settle scores and the big fish won't be touched.

  5. Bloody times ahead then. But then this guy had a hand in the 1992 and 1976 massacres and publicly acknowledges that they were pretty much fair game so is it a big surprise? Who votes for these people??

  6. Fighting against drug dealers is kind of popular with the Thai electorate.
    If Samak wants to revive this policy it's not just blood's sake.
    There is more behind it. (well I hope so…)

  7. you guys are scaring me with all this war on drugs talk. Apparently, the drug trade has been flourishing in a good way since the coup. I'm not saying that people are dropping dead of overdoses and youth are being unjustly exploited and stripped of athletic futures like the politicians might want you to believe. Lets just say that locating a decent supply of inspirational smoke isn't exactly a stressful ordeal like the Thaksin days, and now they want to take it away again… well can't say i give a crap less if the transport industry will be more sober and without their regular fixes of ya ba, and that all the E and I junkies will be complaining…but don't take away our herb ! ! !

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