Introducing the top 100 Thailand blogs

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62 thoughts on “Introducing the top 100 Thailand blogs

  1. Good work Matt. Someone's been busy! Maybe you can stipulate that blogs not updated for more than one month drop off the list? Maybe this can also be the start of Thailand's first blog awards? The possibilities are endless so just let me know if you need any help or support. Well done!

  2. Nice one, looks like quite some work, but how can you forget absolutely It's just a few months old, but several hundred hits a day … tks anyway.

  3. So…I'm 69. How cool is that!

    Good list…helps me check out blogs I would otherwise have never found.

    Don't know where you find the time, man…

  4. I wasn't able to figure out the logic of this either. Must be some social networking thing. There are blogs on this list with dead links and people who haven't posted for ages. I've been around for almost two years and was ignored.

    Good luck Matt. I won't be back… your links removed.

  5. Chani you're overreacting and, may I say, acting silly. I spent hours making this list and if I overlooked your blog then you have to believe me that it wasn't on purpose. As I said, if I missed a blog, it's pretty easy to add your own URL.

  6. All known issues with the top 100 should be fixed in all browsers now. If anyone find anything, let me know.

    If anyone else has an issue with not being on the list, click the "add url" link in the top nav bar.

    Thanks and good night.

  7. One more Matt: What does it take to jump over the below 20 threshold? Is the rating all strictly based on the two mentioned algorithms and therefore done automatically?

  8. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for including our little corner, Lifewonders, in your Thai blogs list!

    Since we don't care about popularity and such, I'm surprised we even made it. There must be fewer Thai-related blogs out there than I thought!

    Your list includes some interesting blogs, and I was delighted to discover more quality sites about Thailand. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the inclusion in your top 100 list. I knew of quite a few of these blogs already but have found many more great sites thanks to your efforts. I'm sure it took you some time to get it all working so here's to a job well done, cheers.

  10. Oh, by the way, Matt: do you accept blogs in any language? A friend of mine has a Chiang Mai blog with great pictures but the narrative is in Hungarian. If that still fits within the scope of your list, I'd like to nominate that blog.


  11. Very good work indeed, many thanks to the creator(s). Still lots to learn about Thailand!

    But the system still needs some serious tweaking. How a blog such as Farang Pai Nai with 10 topic entries since January can nearly make it into the Best-of-20 remains a mystery and doesn't do justice to many other blogs.

    Is there a way that you create a plugin bloggers could use on their sites to send you real-time traffic data for much more accurate results?

  12. Yes there is, but it would mean that every single blogger would have to install the widget, which is unlikely to ever happen.

    I'll go through and review the blogs this week. If any don't make the cut, I'll remove them. That's the easiest way to do it at the moment. I will use Alexa rank in the future, but not for a while as it requires a hosting upgrade to do so. If a blog sucks, then vote for it so and the rankings will correct themselves over time.

  13. Just to add, I can't emphasize enough how big an impact user voting has on the rankings. The script is designed to be interactive, so if a blog has a solid rating, it places higher than a blog with a lower rating.

    With more votes, the system will work more effectively.

  14. You really got to get Alexa involved – currently sites with an Alexa traffic rank of over 10 million can outpace a rank of 700,000 because of better social bookmarking … Alexa is probably quite more representative.

  15. Yeah you're right. I did try to add the Alexa rank in, but my current version of PHP wouldn't allow me to request the data from Alexa. Working on it.

  16. –>chani: poor you… don't make us cry… your comment is kind of mean by the way… why don't you just submit your blog yourself after all? Come on! ;-p

    –>bkkdan: actually alexa is representative only in the USA, for European and Asian traffics, alexa figures are misleading. Unfortunately there isn't a real alternative to alexa that's free…

    –>vanalli: to keep cost down and to avoid changing webhost if you know Visual Basic you could make a VBA macro in excel that grabs the alexa ranks and then just upload the results in your mysql database, you would have to run the macro just once every month, alexa does not vary that much usually,so no need.

  17. What kind of dork uses VBA and Excel for website stats? (The dorks who run Thai government websites excluded, of course.) The keywords to getting the Alexa data are: CRON, Perl, XML, MySQL. If I told you more I'd have to bill you.

  18. Woohoo. Dropped 25 spots since you put this up. LOL. As long as I'm still ranked, I think I'm okay. Hahah!

    I put a link on my side bar to come back to you, my dear.

  19. I played with Alexa rank once. By installing the Alexa toolbar on my work and home computer I got our company site to jump several hundred thousand places. It's really only valid for very high ranking sites. I wouldn't regard any list like this as an official best blog listing, just a bit of fun and a good way to find a wide selection of Thai related blogs.

  20. One has to ask what is the point of having a Top100 Thai blogs written by Farangs ?!

    If someone is interested in reading blogs about Thailand a google blog search would be as usefull.

    Then, which farang blogger would like to read about the same story another blogger is blogging about?

    I see only one beneficiary here, Matt, and that's you, increasing your traffic and advert-based revenus.

    Good ideas though and I would never think of blaming you for that!


  21. Matt, yes, I will grant you that I overreacted and blew my stack. You have my apologies. The only explanation I will offer is that it was within the context of several similar incidents and I finally lost it.

    In thinking about it though, I am really not "into" all the social networking, competition for readers and so on. Water finds its own level and I would rather have people visit my site because they find some value in what I have to say,k not because I am competing for hits or comments.

    So… I am letting it go.

    Thanks for your understanding and for calling me to task on some unseemly thinking.

  22. I tried the ADD URL button using both IE and Firefox. I won't say it doesn't work, but if it does, I couldn't figure it out. It seemed to simply re-load the top 100 list. I can see, though, that others have been added, so it's probably just my technical (in)competence that isn't up to snuff. Looks like a great idea for your site.

  23. Hmm, something weird is going on. I thought it was a plugin I installed today, but I turned it off and the /top100/addurl.php is still redicrecting to /top100

    Let me have a look

  24. OK, I fixed the problem with the "addurl.php" file. While I know what was causing the problem, I have no idea how it happened. Very strange. Seems the index file got overwritten into the addurl file. I don't know how such a thing happened.

  25. This is turning into a bit of a farce. It seems like Farang Speak 2 Much has linked the list to all his buddies under the sun who have gave him five stars and everyone else one star.

    I mean some most of those sites in the top ten are excellent, yet their ratings are so low. While on crappy blogs with hardly any content on them they get a high rating!

    Remove this silly voting thing (if you have idiots like Farang Speak 2 Much) and use Alexa too.

  26. Also, while some of you may say that Alexa rank is useless, it's about as good a resource as I can find short of actually getting everyone on the list to add a widget to their blogs. Combined with Techno and PR, the entire metric will be a decent enough indicator of a blog's popularity, although it will never be perfect and people will always find fault.

    Also, Farang Speaks 2 Much is one of the most active blogs I've seen on that list, judging by the number of comments on each post. It also gets a decent amount of traffic (more than this blog, I've been told), so the fact that it's on the list is justified.

  27. Alexa provides the most reliable data out there. They just the system with the toolbar/hits, they claim it's a much more broadly based system now.

    But Alexa/Amazon asks for $0.000015 per request ($0.15 for 1,000 requests). So this much more reliable data than the broad Google rank and the obscure Technorati rank does not come free.

    Anyway, take the list with a grain of salt. Matt's done a great job with that 5*-script, the Thai blogging scene is not dead at all – even though the current ranking system favors blogs with a good Technorati rank. Once Alexa is included and Google updates its ranks, the whole picture changes.

  28. Ah, it's just a bit of fun and provides an excellent resource. Where else can you find so many Thai blogs under one roof? Which are the "best" is very subjective, depends what you like.

  29. This is turning into a bit of a farce. It seems like Farang Speak 2 Much has linked the list to all his buddies under the sun who have gave him five stars and everyone else one star.

    I mean some most of those sites in the top ten are excellent, yet their ratings are so low. While on crappy blogs with hardly any content on them they get a high rating!

    Remove this silly voting thing (if you have idiots like Farang Speak 2 Much) and use Alexa too.

    Paul: As one of the 'buddies' who voted 5 stars to the Farang Speaks 2 Much site, I'd like to invite you to educate yourself before slinging crap at others. The FS2M site has a large following, and the link to this (the Lost Boy) site was put up with a minimum of fanfare. Specifically it said,

    Seems this dude, what is matt, has this top 100 Thailand blogs list. We are only #13. Kind of bothers me. So anyway – if any of u give a shit – vote for us. It will help pay the rent.

    Within a day or so the FS2M site had 130+ votes. If all of us had given everyone else one star, then there would have been similar numbers of votes for all sites. To the contrary, most other sites had less than 20 votes.

    In the blog above Matt said "What I’d also like if for people to blog about the list. Ask your readers to vote for your blog, link to the list in your sidebar, tell people about it in comments, whatever. The more traffic the list has, the more traffic the blogs will receive and the more beneficial the whole thing will be to everybody."

    So the boys at FS2M simply did what they were asked to do in their own style.

    The term 'crappy blog' is subjective, and can be thrown around easily, but if you want to accuse FS2M of having "hardly any content" then I'd suggest that you read the blog from the first entry to the last. When you finish reading in a couple of weeks, come back and explain in detail just why it's so crappy. You're entitled to an opinion, but wouldn't you rather be informed before expressing yourself?

    Me? I'd never heard of the Lost Boy site before, so the site picked up traffic it wouldn't have had before.

    In my opinion it looks like a lot of good work on this.

  30. Great job! I sure see A LOT of great blogs in Thai left out; many of these also have some Engrish.

    I'm willing to help. Any ideas on how we can compile them. Would be a resource for everyone not just expats.

  31. My first thought was what kind of sad loser spends his time making list of blogs about Thailand?

    But then i have just spent most of the last 2 days reading them….

  32. Paul – u seem a little out of line here but oh well.

    If anything we are trying to help support the list. All I did is let people know about it and I think probably brought a lot of newbies to Matt's site. I never said to vote other people down.

    I think matt is doing some good work and as always good work in Thailand gets put down by others. Hence I called for Matt to remove his own blog from the list so that he can manage all this better.

    From what I can tell he has – good on him.

    Most techheads know that alexa is not that reliable – especially outside the US so adding it might help but it will not really make a huge difference with blogs based here. Using something like Compete might be a better view of things.

    Paul not sure your basis for calling us or our readers idiots but I find you pretty typical of other Farangs in Asia by working so hard to tear others down without any basis for doing so.

    smitty – curator of The Farang Speaks to Much

  33. It hasn't been deleted, but it's on hold. I'm going to have a vote next week to decide once and for all I think cos I've no idea how many people are of this opinion.

  34. Another thing Matt. Quite some ranking figures changed meanwhile, but they're not adjusted in your list. You have to trigger the update manually?!

  35. Quite some useless blogs in this list, such as that Bangkok Metblogs – a dead blog. Perhaps you should do a clean-up.

  36. Check out!
    It is based upon Matt's "the top 100 Thailand blogs" though dedicated to showcase "The Best Websites About Thailand". Feel free to add any Thailand related website(s) to this unlimited list.
    Would be nice if we could build up a comprehensive listing because:

    We share one passion: Thailand! is already listed and participating in the election of the “best websites about Thailand” -> CONTEST.

    Vote for sites you like to boost their ratings!

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