Is Jonathan Head going down for lese majeste?

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11 thoughts on “Is Jonathan Head going down for lese majeste?

  1. Have a look at this summary of that night at the FCCT from Real Life Thailand:

    I think the fact that we don't know for certain what is supposed to have been said is because until the charges (if any) are official anyone who repeats those words will face similar charges. Don't quote me on this but I think some kind of legal protection exists in terms of reporting the comments once court action is instigated.

    Those of us working in the media know exactly what can and cannot be said, or even intimated. That goes for the Thai media as much as foreign media. The same rules apply.

  2. The conference seems to have been designed to generate controversy. Why is anybody surprised that they got it?

  3. I heard Tesco are now suing Thai newspapers and academics, does this have anything to do with it? Lese Majeste all over the BBC websites

  4. The Internet makes detective work easy, a quick look at the BBC website and the videos on this channel and you know that something is going on. These cases seem like real evil attacks on the Thai monarchy to any bystander.

    I think the more recent Cinema Chotisak and Thaksin the Flag stories are an attempt evil forces to misuse the Lese Majeste law and help hide the real cases of organised political crime and media fiddling by Jakrapob and the BBC filed by this Colonel Boong chap which is the real can of worms.

    Jakrapob is apparently attacking and squeezing the media hard to keep his own evil activities from making headlines – it looks like we have a Thaksin Dictatorship here in Thailand once again, I remember Thaksin saying in the videos to vote for PPP :)

    Strange that the Democrats and Thailand's Special Branch ignore this evil plot and pursue stupid unknown photocopy rubbish! Although Thaksin still has power in Thailand it will be interesting to see how he escapes this time – can money still talk to the police?

  5. Mr. J. Head supports Jakapop who is the leader of the UDD terrorist group. Another case of a reporter coming over here to spin the real news for whatever his own purposes or orders are. I have no sympathy for this scroundel in the least.

  6. The Sun newspaper already highlighted that Jonathan Head is corrupt and agreed to lobby misinformation in a conspiracy with Thaksin’s group – now we see very clear evidence as Watanasak has now linked Veera Musikapong at the FCCT and Jonathan in a lese majeste case story in where he accuses PAD of taking hostages and the control tower of the airport which is not the true – the BBC exposed!!

  7. We all know about the BBC Thaksin conspiracy – Jonathan Head has been accused of Lese Majeste many times already, he was also the presenter for the Riche Monde (Empire Tower Satorn) event held at the FCCT with Jakraphob Penkair getting charged for his lying and spinning of the media with insults to the Thai nation. Aphisit announced the news that foriegn lobby groups are guilty of meddling with Thailand's image.

  8. The law is the law.. If Jonathan broke it, Jonathan should be tried by that country he was living in and punished if found guilty.

    In the UK, you are priviledged to be allowed to say pretty much what you please without too much backlash, but there are still some laws over what can be reported, for example, racist, hateful and inciteful comments can result in imprisonment. That is the law in this country, and if someone accuses you of making such comments, then you will be investigated.. Why is Jonathan suddenly expecting to be treated differently under reasonably similar circumstances?? He knew the law, he could very easily have left Thailand to make these comments, he chose not to, and so is being investigated as a reporter for the Taliban would be in the UK..

    If he's innocent, i.e. he did not make derogatory comments about the Thai king, then he should be found innocent, and we should assist him in the same way we assist other wrongfully accused people, but if he is not innocent, do we really want our international representatives in the world, the BBC, taking sides against the Thai government "just because he's a collegue"?

  9. Not true, from the case details it is known that Head is guilty of lying and delivering false information to the masses. He has violated basic journalistic ethics

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