"It wasn't me"

From The Nation today:

Former premier Thaksin Shinawatra insists he had nothing to do with the New Year's Eve bombs in Bangkok. "I swear that I have never thought of hurting and spoiling the happiness of people, or destroying the country's credibility for political goals," he said in a hand-written letter faxed from Beijing. It condemned the deadly attacks on innocent people. Thaksin's lawyer Noppadon Pattama displayed the three-page document – which he said Thaksin faxed to him from China yesterday morning – at a press conference at the Central Sofitel Hotel in the afternoon.

I'm too tired and it's too late to write anything substantial now, but what the hell is going on? When are we going to have some light shed on this? There is enough finger pointing and denying to make me think we are in the middle of a children's television drama series. Will the real culprits please stand up? People are SCARED.

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5 thoughts on “"It wasn't me"

  1. Actual prime minister of Thailand is muslim, isn't it ? I hope if it is proven these attacks have been caused by extremist muslim groups, he would help to find a solution.

    I want to notice, I have nothing against muslim, I just hope thai people will find their smile quickly.

    Bravo for you Blog, just continue !

  2. A muslim is not automatically a terrorist.

    After 2 years the governments have not been able to even understand what those people really want.

    In fact, they payed so little attention to their true needs and they were being censored so much (except from the usual counting of the exploded bombs in the south) that it would make sense for them to blow up a little bit in Bangkok. If Bangkokians don't here it in the south, they'll here it at their doorstep.

    If the motivation is not simply religion, the current prime minister, Muslim or not, won't help anything.

    The bombs in Bangkok shows that.

  3. The PM isn't Muslim. Gen Sonthi, the head of the asrmed forces is a Muslim. I will be totally amazed if these explosions are anything to do with Muslims. Sounds and looks political and the truth will probably never emerge.

  4. I doubt the real culprits will admit it. At the moment, no matter who is labelled as being responsible large numbers of people won't believe it. Admitting the crime removes that doubt.

  5. As I said, I'd got no problem with muslims, most of my friends are and I am used to work with them, so keep cool please.

    It was just a supposition, an idea, the problem for me in Thailand is that some militaries are on gouvernement, and I got a bad feeling for the future if king will come to die…

    But sure, after what we read (is it true) attacks seemed to come from politician fanatics..we will see !

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