Jody Mcintyre enjoys second night of riot tourism

Following on from yesterday's post, it appears that nothing is going to stop Jody Mcintyre latching onto the London riots and proclaiming them as part of his revolution. It's getting beyond a joke now. Mcintyre needs a serious dose of reality. He is extremely lucky to have been given the platform he has by the likes of the Indy and the Guardian — and I'm not the only one who thinks it's time Mcintyre's reign came to an end.

Not only was Mcintyre at the scene in Tottenham on Saturday with no good reason for being there, but he also took to the streets of Brixton last night. Here are a few words from the man himself, taken from his Twitter account:

Just got home from the riots in #brixton…

#Brixton: M&S and Footlocker on fire. Vodafone, H&M, Currys and more looted…

Outside Currys in #Brixton, the police were chased away with stones and bricks. 3 riot vans fled as people poured into the street…

We were told Mark Duggan shot first. Now, forensics show that Duggan didn't fire a bullet. The police lie.

If you think deaths at the hands of police and riots against police are "entirely unrelated", then you are deluding yourself.

However, for concrete achievements to come out of this, I think a level of organisation is needed.

You ask if looting is justified, I ask if the police will ever be held accountable for killing people?

CALLER ON BBC LONDON RADIO: "We should never burn homes and local businesses. We should burn down #Tottenham Police Station."

Once again Mcintyre is glorifying the riots/looting and portraying it all as part of a social revolution. He thinks we're living in a police state and he condones the rioting, the violence, the destruction, the ransacking, the chaos. We already know that Mcintyre is a kind of "uber protester" who will take to the streets at the drop of a hat, but it's time for newspaper editors to think seriously about the platform they have given this young man.

What exactly has Jody Mcintyre done to deserve this platform? We have seen how Mcintyre can bend the truth and it's time to end this nonsense.

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2 thoughts on “Jody Mcintyre enjoys second night of riot tourism

  1. The Independent and The Guardian long lost their credibility. They always pretend to "champion the poor and needy" but it's all to score political points. In fact, perhaps I give them too much credit. Perhaps they're just cynically hitting a certain demographic and stirring up the bile of this demographic, no different to the Daily Mail (just a different demographic). "Left leaning views are supported by reality" and all the crap. However, hubris seems to be getting the better of these news outlets – they are making a mockery of themselves with the reporting of these lootings and arson attacks. They do not reflect the mood of the public at all. There is no "socioeconomic" reason behind the troubles – just opportunity.

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