Joe Gordon freed

h/t to Andrew Spooner who was first with the scoop on this one. As with many things these days, news broke on Twitter, at about 10 pm last night:

We telephoned our source & they stated that had seen & spoken to Joe Gordon outside of the prison & that he had been released at 7pm. The source also said Joe needed to sign some papers to fully formalise his release & that he had been accompanied by US Embassy staff. This source has been 100% reliable before so we as confident as we can be at this time that this news is correct. Hopefully full 100% confirmation re: Joe Gordon's release will come soon. A lot of hard work has been going on behind scenes.

The release was confirmed this morning. "Gordon's lawyer Arnon Numpa says the royal pardon was granted Tuesday. U.S. Embassy spokesman Walter Braunohler says Gordon was freed that night," reported AP.

Bangkok Pundit has some more on the Joe Gordon case:

[T]he Thai-born naturalized American citizen Joe Gordon… was arrested in May 2011 on lese majeste charges… [T]he US expressed disappointment when he was actually charged in August 2011 for translating The King Never Smiles… [and] he was jailed for two and a half years in December 2011.

Because he was a naturalized American citizen, his case became high profile – although it was dwarfed by the Uncle SMS case – but in reality the pardon also stems for the fact he pleaded guilty and thus followed the traditional way of responding to lese majeste charges.

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