Ladyboys in Thailand hopeful of title-changing legislation

In what would be a breakthrough for gender equality in Thailand, a proposal is being considered by Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly that will allow ladyboys to officially change their titles to “Mrs” or “Miss” or “Ms” (whatever the heck “Ms” actually means).

The bill would allow ladyboys to change their titles on their ID cards, which is hoped will help ease certain lifestyle issues that ladyboys in Thailand face. It’s not the changing of the titles itself that will make the difference, but it’s the fact that in places like universities, ladyboys will now be allowed to stay in the girls’ dorms and use the girls’ toilets, instead of having to face problems in the men’s facilities.

The bill will tackle gender discrimination because anybody who denies a ladyboy the right to be and do as a woman would be breaking the law.

This will mean that ladyboys won’t have to serve out compulsory service in the army, but I was thinking that an army full of ladyboys could be advantageous in certain situations of warfare, such as if Thailand were invaded and foreign soldiers were traipsing through the country. A team of katoey on ground-level could be enough to the distract the soldiers long enough for some sort of sneak attack to be performed.

None of the news reports I read stated that ladyboys would be able to change their gender status in their passports, so the bill won’t address any of the problems travelling ladyboys come across.

AP and DPA

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9 thoughts on “Ladyboys in Thailand hopeful of title-changing legislation

  1. Hi Matt–This is wonderful. I can't imagine how hard it must be to feel like a woman but have society treat you like a man. Glad progress is being made.

  2. In the past, when ladyboys had to go to the process of randomly choosing to serve out compulsory service in the army, they were selected by picking a red or a black card from a box. In order to avoid the difficulty of having these third gender people in the army, the authorities who were in charge of the process would label them as "mentally instable" instead of allowing them to go through the same selection process as the real male counterparts.

    In my college years, some of my friends, who were third gender, were permitted to use a female toilet, if they really wanted to, but strictly speaking, they were not meant to use it, especially when our teachers were around.

    Anyway, calling ladyboys "katoey", I personally think is rather rude.

  3. Kathoey do sometimes refer to themselves as "transformed goddess" (nang fa jamlaeng).

    Historically, they represent a "third sex" beside man and woman (Phet thi-sam)

    As an aside: do not confuse "mai phet" (not spicy, low tone) with "mai phet" (no sex, falling tone) and with "may bpet" (no duck, low tone, bp) or "mai bpaaet" (no eight, long low tone) when you go to the restaurant!

  4. just to offer another side that isn't exactly gung-ho human rights eqaulity…(btw isn't equality supposed to balance two sides, not three?)

    I think it will prove disastrous if you allow third gender to choose Ms or Mrs on their ID card!! Seriously…If in any case, let them add a Misster or some other third gender title exclusive for their classification.

    Now a days, with the latest perfections in plastic surgery the Ex-hims are becoming so close to Shes, that many can go by and fool 90 percent of males…which is not ethical, particularly for males who do plan to reproduce…for no matter how pretty a lady boy can get with cosmetics and sexy he can sound singing that he is a girl and not a guy, HE can never truly function as a SHE in reproduction purposes, atleast not with current science…So I am NOT for such an a bill…

    On the topic, I'm reminded back to late December 2004 at Wat Yan Yao during the lovely corpse inspection days… I was part of the DNA sample collection team and my group came across a bloated rotting corpse that had all the girls parts (didn't have the guys), and there was slight confusion as the ID that was in the wallet of the corpse was a Mr… We had to do do an incision to check for ovaries..sure enough the id was correct…no ovaries… just thought I'd share!

  5. hope anyone don't hate me for my'anti' tone in the previous message…for i do think lady-boys / transgender should have their own class and human rights…just not indiscernible from females, when they in fact aren't females… when technology allows them to reproduce and experience true feminine orgasms…then perhaps you can convince me. Otherwise we have a right to know that they are not naturally Miss..and if their id card lies for them, what makes you think they'll tell the truth???

  6. Jao

    You speak with all the authority of a person who knows nothing at all about the topic they are addressing! It's mindless thoughtless bigotry like yours that keeps millions of people world wide in a perpetual state of sadness because you just cant leave them be who they are!

    People like you have yet to understand that ones sexuality is not determined by ones bodily parts but by the way one feels in their mind! These feelings are so overwhelming that often, denying a person the right to live the way they feel they should live, drives them to a state of desperate despair and on occasions on to self harm or worse.

    I wonder why the issue of ladyboys gaining legal recognition occupies so much of your thinking when;

    1) it has nothing to do with you
    2) you should save the little amount of logical reasoning you have for the simpler things like learning to tie your shoelaces.

    Sorry if I offended you but you seem to happily do the same for others!


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