Life and such things

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4 thoughts on “Life and such things

  1. Well congratulation mate for you have been to my home country, Timor Leste, and had written so many stories about it. I'd just like to convey my respect to people like you who decided to go on journey around the world only to rediscover their true essence of humanity and their space in it. A journey with passion to self discovery. Ironically this is the same feeling that I have when I left Timor Leste on the journey to your home country (UK). I am one of those timorese you were referring to in your article about timorese working and living in the UK.
    Do not worry about the legality of timorese presence in the UK as I can guarantee you 100% that all timorese here are LEGAL IMMIGRANT. All of us are timorese with Portuguese citizenship.

    I am very grateful for this country (England) and have been learning, through working in this country, about so many positive and useful things.
    One day when I go back to Timor this is what I wanna do, practising what have been learning in England so that it can bring positive changes to Timor and its people.
    A food production factory and farming methods used in the UK are the best example to follow if Timor wish to be self sufficient with ordinary rural people having better meals. My dream is this. To set up a business such as Bernard Matthew in Timor-Leste. From working in this company I have been able to learn from experiences about so many things which if implemented with passion, seriousness, vision, entrepreneur motivation, self-discipline and so on, could improve Timor and bring change to people's life.

    Living and working in England is not just about earning a decent weekly incomes but it also gives me lots of ideas about transforming and improving people's life with modern agriculture practices and organised commodities distribution and so on. Hopefully my dream can be realized in the next 4 years in Timor-Leste. Working, learning and practising.

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