Murder in Dili

Local media in Timor-Leste is reporting that the manager of Beach Garden Hotel in Dili was murdered along with his wife. This from TVTL:

The manager of the Garden Beach Hotel, Hei Sen and his wife Monica Chin Hui Jia [reportedly from China and Malaysia, respectively] were found dead in their bed room.

The Timorese Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga said that based on the evidence the victims were killed with a knife.

Mr. Hei was stabbed to death in his back whereas his wife was stabbed to death in her stomach.

Independente has a little more:

INDEPENDENTE observed yesterday morning that the victims’ bedroom window was broken and there was blood on the glass.

Diario also ran a short story about China-Malaysia-Timor relations:

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Roberto Carlos said that the recent murder of the Garden Beach Hotel manager from China and his wife who was from Malaysia would not impact the friendship ties between Timor-Leste, China and Malaysia.

“The state will detain the criminals and send them to the prison. There is no impact on friendship ties between our country, Malaysia and China and we will continue to be a good friends with both of those countries,” Carlos said.

Ed Rees said on Twitter today that he "was told this morning that disgruntled staff did it".

Nothing more to add really. It's a sad story and I hope the police can deal with it quickly and professionally.

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