Muse gig in Bangkok cancelled

From the British Council today:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Muse are disappointed to have to announce the cancellation of their show in Bangkok Hall on Wednesday 28 November. They hope to reschedule as soon as their schedule allows.

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2 thoughts on “Muse gig in Bangkok cancelled

  1. Apparently the concert was canceled ( or postponed whatever ) because not enough tickets were sold. That I could have told them before, they ain't Linkin' Park or Beyonce.
    Now, is the organiser tricking people the same way they did with David Copperfield when they refused to refund tickets even though the even didn't happen ?

  2. Not enough tickets sold? for Muse???

    As for the refund, well the concert just disapeared from thaiticketmaster website, no explanation, nothing…

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