My first earthquake

I experienced my first earthquake recently. Well, it was actually my second in the same week. However, I wouldn’t have known the first one happened had my housemate not told me she thought the house was shaking. The second one I definitely felt though.

It was during the afternoon of Wedneday, January 26, and I was at the IOM offices doing an interview. All of a sudden the building began shaking. I thought nothing of it until we were all told to go outside. It was only a small tremor, but it was very exciting. The quake was apparently record as 6.0 on the Richter scale over in West Timor.

I had never experienced an earthquake before. All right, I know earthquake aren’t good and that they can cause buildings to fall down, people to die and things like tsunamis to happen, but I felt a sense of achievement and was able to cross off an item from my list of things to do before I die.

Other items on that list include seeing David Bowie in concert, interviewing Bjork and living in Japan.

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2 thoughts on “My first earthquake

  1. yea its quite something. I grew up with earthquakes, things falling off shelves etc but my hubby was very excited when he experianced his first !!

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