One of those days

Today is going to be one of those days. I sometimes lose faith in my ability to function in this world.

The Scorpion has been having a few problems recently, one of which is that the key doesn't work. I can start the bike without the key, but I still put it in the ignition so that people don't see a keyless bike and decide to steal it.

So I was riding home yesterday without a care in the world, excited at the prospect of taking a nap. I got all the way home, looked for my keys and noticed they weren't in the ignition. I remembered hearing a strange noise while I was riding back, but had paid it no heed. Obviously it had been my keys falling on the floor.

I did a couple of loops back and forth the way I came, but it was no use. I had also lost the key to my front gate and door. This wouldn't normally be a problem as I have two housemates and one housemate's boyfriend, all of whom have keys.

But this week they are all on holiday. Two of them left yesterday actually. I stayed in the office last night safe in the knowledge that I was going to Ermera this morning for a two-day visit. That trip got cancelled at 7 am because someone's daughter is sick.

But what about the maid, maybe she has a key? "Nothing sir," she said in an SMS to me. What about the housemate's boyfriend who left yesterday? His nextdoor neighbour might have his key. "No, sorry bro. That sucks." Indeed.

I went out this morning at 6:30 am to trawl the roads and hunt for the keys. It was so cold that I couldn't stop myself from shivering, much to the amusement of everyone I passed. One quick loop and I'm back at the office.

Every plan I have come up with has been scuppered. I only have to last until Friday, but it will be a challenge. Someone has promised to lend me some socks and I have bought myself a new toothbrush.

We'll see what the day brings, but thus far it's been a comedy of errors.

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