Our house in Dili

When I was away in December, one question that kept cropping up was what kind of accommodation I live in. People were surprised to hear that I don’t live in a treehouse, although living in a treehouse would be marvelous.

My house in Dili just a normal house. I say “my house”, but I don’t own it – I just stay there. The house is huge considering only two people live in it, which was unsettling at first but I’m slowly getting used to it. We live about five kilometers from the center of town, which means I can no longer walk everywhere, but I plan to invest in a bicycle this weekend, so all should be well.

I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of my house. I can’t promise it will be exciting, but it may be of interest to some people. This house costs $800 a month to rent, which is very expensive when you consider where I am.

My bedroom in Dili

First up, this is my bedroom. There are four bedrooms in this house. Nobody sleeps in two of them, although there's a new girl moving in soon. As you can see, I have a bed and also a window. I don’t need much else. I haven’t invested much time in tidying up since I’ve been back, but rest assured that I know where everything is.

Our kitchen in Dili

This is the kitchen. None of the stuff you see is mine, except for two packets of instant noodles and two packets of biscuits. This is actually rather a decent kitchen and we even have a microwave. I don’t plan on ever cooking anything in the kitchen, but it’s good to know that it’s there.

Our laundry room in Dili

Onto the laundry room where, as you may notice, I recently did some laundry. There’s also a large bag of dog food in the corner – more on that later.

The second bathroom in our Dili house

This is the second bathroom, which has a hot shower. I was never able to get used to cold showers, so I’m happy to have hot water as and when I need it. There is another bathroom that connects to the master bedroom.

Our dining room in Dili

This is what I call the dining room. It has a large table in the middle, perfect for dining, although I've only dined at the table once.

The living room in our Dili house

Here is the living room. On this particular day I took it over with my books, papers, computer, T-shirt and a plate of bananas. We have a TV and DVD player, as well as a guitar. The guitar has 12 strings, which blows my mind, but sometimes when nobody is home, I pretend I’m a rock star.

Our Dili front garden

Here’s the front garden. We even have a rose-apple tree. At least, I think they are rose apples. Whatever they are, they fall from the tree and crash onto the roof of the porch day and night. I was thinking about eating one, but haven’t got round to it yet.

Our porch in Dili

Outside we have a pretty little porch, which is where I go to smoke. From the porch, we have magnificent views of the garden.

Dogs in Dili -- and my feet

These are the dogs I live with, Jack and Winston. I don’t know which one is which, but they aren’t mine. I like playing with the dogs, but sometimes I forget that I’m allergic to them. The same thing happened when we had cats in Phuket. They’re just too cute not to poke and prod, and they're also very good at peeing in my room, eating anything smaller than a motorbike, covering the garden with rubbish, barking when I'm asleep and generally getting in the way.

A cute dog in Dili

Here’s Jack or Winston looking like a movie star. Bless.

Our back garden in Dili

We also have a garden round the back, which looks much the same as the front garden, although it has a strange seating area with several very old couches. Interestingly, there’s also an outdoor shower that still works, but looks as if it hasn’t been used for several years.

So that’s my house in Dili. If anyone would like to come and stay with me, I’m sure I could arrange for a tent to be set up in the garden. I might be moving out soon so you'd better get your skates on.

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12 thoughts on “Our house in Dili

  1. Dude, your room needs some work. I think I've seen prison cells with more decor than that.

    Get some shelves and a cupboard asap.

    Looks like you are having a great time.

  2. sounds like you should sign up for couchsurfing.com and offer me a room for free for a few days while I travel through there in a couple of weeks :-)

  3. hey mate i am an aussie coming over there in the next few months to look at starting a business. Any chance of filling one of your spare rooms?

  4. hello ! just curious if you might know the cost of homes in dili ?? am very interested in buying a home in dili ! any response would be greatly helpful and appreciated !

  5. Hi! I would like to migrate to Timor in the future! I wanna make some contacts and get more information. I am an architect, live in Brazil!

  6. Hallo,
    I am looking for a person or Agency who wish to lease my house in Balide 200meters away from Peace Dividend Trust Office or opposite to Government Transportation Office.
    If you’re interesting please contact to my phone numbers or e-mail me as shown below.
    Thanking you in advance, diva

    Landlord: Diva Cabral
    Email address: divaiacabral@gmail.com or DCabral@sprtl.tl
    Phone number: +670 731 2498 +670 736 6000
    Address: Balide, Dili Timor Leste
    The house equipped with:
    1. Two bedrooms complete with king bed size, cabinet and AC.
    2. One common space complete with a set of sofa
    3. One of two bedrooms above said complete with king bed size, cabinet, AC and Toilet
    4. One shared toilet
    5. One kitchen complete with cooking Gas
    6. One set of Dining Table with 6seated
    6. Huge parking areas.

  7. Hi –
    Also in Dili, and desperate for housing!! 800 sounds like a bargain compared to what else I've been looking at.
    Are you still around? If so, let me know, and let me know if you've got a room still available!

  8. Hi,

    Does anybody know about the rental property around Dili? I am thinking to move there around June 2012.

    If you have pl e-mail me at hasnat@live.com.au, or you can contact me at +61413537103.

  9. Hi,
    I'm looking for a person or agency who want to rent my family house in Bidau Santa Ana. Near with the beach and easy for access for transportation and hospital.
    If you're interested please contact us on phone number (+670-77319977/+670-77443622).
    Terraced houses with description:
    1. Five bedrooms, two complete with bathroom and three shared bedroom,
    2. Three big-room, suitable for living room and dining room
    3. One kitchen
    4. Three balconies
    5. We still have a empty land around house that can be build parking area for you car
    6. Fences under construction

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